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The five countries located in the Middle East called the Gulf States. These countries includes Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). They are the largest oil supplier of the world. The regions geographical locations help them to boost their economy. The nations are some of the richest nations in the world. They offer a lot of opportunity to their citizens. Some of the opportunities are free education, free medical and great welfare system. Most of the wealth come from the oil business which is control the government. There weren’t a lot job opening for their citizen, so most of their citizen under welfare.
Herman Kerdling works for a firm who are already operating in the Gulf countries by supplying oil-production machinery. This firm is very successful and also wanting to take the operation the next level, they always send operations managers for 1-year to the region. Kerdling was chosen and to head to Oman for the duties. He was excited because he was assigned to one of the firm’s top account. He was determined to be winner in his time in Oman.
Unfortunately, after he got there, things didn’t work out the way he was expecting. He faced three challenges doing business with the Arabs. The first one was the Arabs culture was to stand close to the person when they talk. The second was, when they are in the meeting, it is common norm to be interrupted by other people. The third one was, most of the translations that he received was an error or lack of accuracy.
1. Some of the current issues facing the Gulf States are the securities issue, the shortage of water, shortage of farmland, and food imports. The Securities in Gulf States are very well documented. The gulf war and the treats of terrorism is an example of how fragile the securities is within the Gulf States. The shortage of farm land and water severely limits the agricultural development…...

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