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Gumdrop Northern Memorandum

A. The Problem.
A review of your operations reveals several ethical issues and legal malpractices. This memorandum will address three of these ethical issues as well as proposed resolutions to each issue. The first ethical problem in your practice is disregard of quality and safety of the products you offer to your clients. In doing so, this reflects that your company lacks honesty, integrity and openness in production and how they relate with their customers. My second concern involves the unlawful method that is used when terminating an employee. Labor laws provide guidelines and regulations for the hiring, retaining and termination of employees and the legal repercussions upon breach of such regulations. The organization’s actions are immoral, against labor laws and the company’s ethical regulations. You have altered the labor laws to your benefit by firing numerous employees for no apparent reason. This has been done to fit your needs as a company at the expense of the remaining workers. Aside from being a moral issue, you have run into another problem with this posing a risk for legal ramifications. Finally, Gumdrop Northern does not disclose the necessary information about the products being manufactured to clients. Your company intentionally did not tell the military about the weakness of the body armors and armored vehicles for fear of losing the contract. This puts your customers, in this case United States soldiers, at a greater risk of suffering from bodily injury or even death. Secondly, the company hid the fact of its relocation from their stakeholders to avoid lawsuits and losing business from clients. Further, through a dirty scheme the company fired its employees to reach a level where it can escape legal suits. The company breaks its moral duty to its employees as it tries to seek legal basis of justifying their…...

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