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The two new members in Mr Hung’s group are Minh and Hoa. Because of their strongly opposed characteristics, they are always in conflict with each other in work. Minh is an extrovert, energetic and friendly person so he might adapt to a new environment quickly. Moreover, through his enthusiastic and active attitude, he might be very good at collaborative skills and he can connect people in group by promoting spiritual people. Because Minh is sociable and funny, all people in the group have fun to work together and have higher productivity work. With these characteristics, Minh can work as a product marketing or teller. In contract, Hoa is an introvert and independent person. He can access and complete his work by himself while the others need to support by their manager. It can not be denied that he is an experience people, active in work but he does not have teamwork skills. Although Hoa is intelligent, creative and confident in working, but he might not develop to remote sales group as Mr Hung expected because of his poor collaborative skills. Hoa always does not get along with their partners and does not build his own opinion, this will make lower productivity.
Since the company makes new policies which include higher sales targets for each employees to achieve, from which Minh and Hoa common argument. Minh and Hoa are at the sixs and sevens. The problem between them is they have an argument over the best sales methods for older people. Hoa is increasingly absent from work. May be that Hoa is stress due to the great amount of work because he always works by himself. It means that he makes a huge quantity of work himself. However, it can not be denied changing the policy makes the employees work harder , increased workloads, they sometimes have part-time work to get the offered target, which makes the staffs be suffered from stress and tiredness. It may be the reason why Hoa changed attitude in working, was absent regularly. In my opinion, Hoa is a careful person, thus, not getting the offered target can also be a reason why he can not suffer from failing and pressure so he usually does not work. It is likely that giving a too high target for staff will affect their mood negatively, therefore, they do not go to work and change working manner.
So , reasons which Hoa always absent have : conflict with colleagues, feel disoriented , reduce self-efficacy or insecurity.…...

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