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Dialogue Montresor’s Son
Details Describing how
The town hates Montresor for his murder
Montresor’s son is disgusted that his father is a murderer
Montresor’s son tells of his childhood
Explains Fortunato and her mother’s story

My mother was not around, my father told me she died during labor and no one seemed to have any memories of her living. I often wondered if Montresor was my real father. It wasn’t a question of resemblance, everyone in our town was dark skinned with dark eyes. I just never related to him. He was not a bad man, he just was not a good one either. He was always obsessed with revenge. My entire childhood was filled with him getting into trouble. The children at school called me the bastard baby from my lack of a mother. I had to leave when he choked one of them. I always resented my father because I thought he was the reason for my problems.
One day I went to the Saturday Market to get some food for our manor since the maid had quit. I was not surprised when I was looked at with disgust. Being the son of a murdered in town seemed to be almost just as bad as being the murdered. The entire square was filled with flowers and memorials for Fortunato whom I had never known. The town painted him as a saint. They said he was a good man whom loved his wine. Even the local winery named a bottle after him. There was no Amontillado to be found. It was the wine that lead to murder.
I was about to buy my provisions when the owner of the market stepped out and ask me what occasion I was buying groceries for. When I told him it was just for me and my Father he told me to give him back the items and leave immediately. I was not about to argue due to everyone starring in disgust. I left. I was about to give up when a girl from the local bakery ran out. She told me to come inside. She sat me down in the back of the kitchen. Her name was Elizabeth. Elizabeth brought me a bag of baked goods, sandwiches, breads, and cakes. I went to give her some money but she refused. She told me that her mother had spoken of Fortunato. That he was a horrible man. Her mother had said that Fortunato would come into the bakery and ask her on dates. Being married and with child she obviously refused. Fortunato would never stop trying. After numerous “No’s” Fortunato became angry with the woman. He would go in less but still harass her. One night Elizabeth’s mother was baking later than usual. She was up all night working on a new bread idea. She left the bakery close to the morning hours. While she walked home she noticed a man following her. It was Fortunato. He called out to her and she ignored him hoping he would leave. When she did not respond he became very angry and assaulted her. He threw her up against the wall and when she would not kiss him he beat her. He beat her so badly she lost her child a day later. Elizabeth’s father was furious and went to find Fortunato. When he discovered where he lived he paid a visit, only to discover Fortunato was missing. They assumed he was killed because he was such a horrible man, and always wanted to repay whom ever did that justice. So Elizabeth declared she would provide groceries to our family as long as we needed them. I returned to my father with baked goods. He seemed to be in a good mood despite the hatred expressed to him. He never was worried what others thought about him. He told me as long as we stuck together, had provisions, and enough to live that he would be happy. I admired his good spirits, despite my concern on the recent news of his known murder.…...

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