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Communication is a behavior that we address through verbal/non-verbal communication between people through speaking, writing or using body language. Having effective communication requires that the content of information being transmitted is being received and understood by someone in the way its intended. We have to create a common perception for effective communication, realizing that changing the behavior and acquiring information from someone is very much needed to have a positive and effective result in the lines of communicating.
Interpersonal relationships are very much crucial in the healthcare industry today. It plays a very important role in Are you a good communicator?
Effective communication deals with the process of sharing information, which includes your thoughts, how we communicate in the workplace. According to a Live strong article studies have demonstrated the needs of interpersonal communication often go ignored within the healthcare consumers. (Kreps, Gary L.) Therefore there is more of a demand role in the development and maintenance of trust and developing positive feelings within an organization. Even though the quality of interpersonal relationships by itself is just enough to produce worker productivity, it has shown to make a significant difference that contributes to its outcome.
In supportive relationships we know that it’s just a style of communication that has a specific set of goals and techniques. The goal of supporter is to be able to resolve issues or conflicts or try to achieve change within the realm of practice. The supportive role is usually within management, a parent, an employee and so on. , the supporter usually focuses on the problem and not the characteristic or personal traits of an individual. Needless to say to add to supportive communication then follows…...

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