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Fitness Professionals, Coaches, and the Sports Medicine Team: Defining Roles

MATCHING: Match each item with the appropriate response.

|______1. Orthopedist |a. Responsible for designing exercise or fitness programs for individual clients |
| |b. Organizes, plans and oversees leisure activities and athletic programs. |
|______2. Team physician |c. Physician responsible for treating musculoskeletal injuries |
| |d. Responsible for teaching proper techniques and conditioning athletes |
|______3. Nutritionist |e. Responsible for injury diagnosis and is the supervision/advisor to the certified |
| |athletic trainer and coach |
|______4. Personal Trainer |f. Responsible for hiring personnel who will make up the sports medicine team. |
| |g. Individual that can assist athletes with coping strategies |
|______5. Dentist |h. Responsible for injury evaluation and immediate care of athletic injuries |
| |i. Conducts both individual and team training sessions. |
|______6. Athletic Trainer |j. Physician specializing in foot care |
| |k. Individual involved in the fitting of custom mouth guards |
|______7. Coach…...

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