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Healthcare Right or Privalage?

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Healthcare a Right or a Privilege

Cheryl Alcala

Intro to Ethics and Social Responsibility

Noel Sauer

September 17th 2012

Should healthcare be a right or a privilege? In today's society it is becoming more of a privilege than a right. I believe that this is not the way things should be. Our government did not originally intend for it to be this way. I believe that our fore fathers wanted everyone to have the same rights. Was healthcare in the constitution? No, but I do believe that if our forefathers were alive today things would be much different.

The issue at hand is healthcare and should it be a right or a privilege. The problem that this presents is this. Do we allow healthcare for everyone or do we chose who has the right to healthcare? Healthcare should be allowed for everyone in the united states. I feel that everyone has the right to be healthy. Other countries have implemented free healthcare and I feel the pros out weigh the cons. With free healthcare you are promoting a healthier society not to mention possibly increasing ones life expectancy. In retrospect your allowing people the chance to live longer healthier lives.

Our government it is my belief wants to control who gets healthcare and who doesn't. I feel that this is their way of controlling our population, and continuing to remain in control of our lives. Why is it fair for a wealthy person to receive full medical and dental benefits yet a person of low income status cannot? Do you think that is fair? Personally I feel that is a way of telling the lower income families that they are not as important as a more wealthy family. What does that say about our country? We as a country are in a state of denial. It is 2012 and we are in a state of emergency all over the United States. When did we go from being a democracy to a country that is more like a dictatorship? All over the…...

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