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Healthy Employees Are Happy Employees

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Case Incident 2: Healthy Employees are Happy Employees

Teow is seen to be a visionary enthusiast who holds the vision that by having happy and healthy employees will contribute to the overall growth and productivity of the organization. Teow holds an enthusiastic personality and his ambition and energy to actively carry out his plans for his organization shows he is an extrovert. Also, he chooses to lead by example by participating in all the organized activities which shows he like socializing with his employees which shows his sociability. Teow is clearly an employee-oriented leader with high level of consideration because he puts health and satisfaction of his employees first and considered the employees to be the company’s biggest asset. He has linked the attainment of the company goals via employees thus keeping them at the center of attention. In my opinion, Teow’s personality and leadership style matches perfectly with his efforts to transform CCN into a healthy and productive organization. He wants the employees to be healthy and more satisfied with their work, because he knows that it will contribute directly to creating better and cheerful working conditions. This in return favors productivity. He being an extrovert and sociable person, can convince the employees to participate in the various programs and even works along with them to ensure trust. Since his style of leadership and his personality are well matched, they help Teow to pursue his goal of transforming CCN into a healthy organization.

Although he might seem to exhibit transformational leadership too, Teow is mostly a charismatic leader as he checks in on all the key characteristics of a charismatic leader. For instance, Teow has held a vision that proposed a future better than the running status quo and has also been able to pass on that vision to the employees while gaining acceptance. He…...

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