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Heart of Change Review

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The Heart of Change
Latesha Tillman

The Heart of Change
First of all, in the scope of this paper it is essential to refer to the fact that the core motivating factor for the changes, done by people, is the fact that they are provided with a truth, which makes an impact on their feelings. This trend may be considered as especially significant one in terms of the large-scale organizational change, where the individual faces with the set of new changes, e-business, cultural transformation and globalization. It is possible to make a statement that in the age of turbulence, if such reality is handled by an individual in a proper manner, one wins. In order to understand the core reason of success in one organisation and lack of success in another one, it is essential to refer to the flow of large-scale and effective change efforts. In accordance with the classification, offered by Kotter and Cohen's in The Heart of Change, there are eight steps, incorporated into the change. They are the following: 1. Creating the sense of urgency in order to motivate smart people to tell other participants of the process that here is a need to go and to change the things; 2. Pulling together a guiding team, which is powerful enough for guiding a big change. 3. Creating simple, clear and uplifting visions and the setting the strategies. 4. Introducing the vision through heartfelt and simple messages, which are addressed to the target audience through multiple channels in such manner that people start joining the process of making a change; 5. Empowering individuals by removing limitations to the vision; 6. In order provide a momentum- developing and launching into the practice the short-term wins; 7. Maintaining the momentum in such way that the wave…...

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