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10 Benefits of Living a Healthy Lifestyle Your lung capacity will be increased. With frequent aerobic exercise, your lungs will grow to hold more air. You will feel more alert and less winded going up the stairs. You will be at a decreased risk for osteoporosis. If you eat healthily, your muscle and bone mass will grow. This will decrease the weakness of your bones and joints. You will have more energy. If you eat food that your body is meant to process, not things like Twinkies, then your body isn’t having to waste energy trying to digest false food. Another benefit is that your mood will be improved. When you eat more fruits and vegetables, it supplies more vitamins and minerals to you. If you eat nutrient deficient food, it will affect you anywhere from mood to brain health. If you believe that healthy living can be fun, your life will go by much easier. You will be able to do more things, athletic-wise, and you will be able to get the most enjoyment possible out of your days. Another perk is that you will be more charismatic. Everyone is more attracted to a healthy person, rather than a slob. If you are healthy, you will have a more confident appearance. One great benefit is that you will inevitably save money. If you are extremely obese, it could lead to heart problems, which will land you in a hospital with a large bill. On the other hand, if you are more healthy, you will probably be sick less and won’t have to visit the doctor as often. If you are healthy, you will more likely sleep better and get more sleep. Sleep is important to your wellbeing and you need at least 6-8 hours per night. Always sleep in a calm environment, free from distractions. When you eat healthier, your body can manage stress more effectively. It doesn’t have to focus on trying to digest the junk you are eating, so it can target relieving stress. When your stress…...

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Importance of Information and Communication Technologies (Icts) in Making a Heathy Information Society: a Case Study of Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria

...Library Philosophy and Practice 2008 ISSN 1522-0222 Importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Making a Heathy Information Society: A Case Study of Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria Monday Obaidjevwe Ogbomo Esoswo Francisca Ogbomo Department of Library and Information Science Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria Introduction There is widespread research interest in information and communication technologies (ICTs). According to Crede & Mansell (1998), ICTs are crucially important for sustainable development in developing countries. Thioune (2003) notes that for the past two decades most developed countries have witnessed significant changes that can be traced to ICTs. These multi-dimensional changes have been observed in almost all aspects of life: economics, education, communication, and travel. In a technologydriven society, getting information quickly is important for both sender and receiver. ICTs have made it possible to quickly find and distribute information. Thoiune (2003) indicates that many initiatives have taken at the international level to support Africa's efforts to develop a communication infrastructure and. These efforts are designed to enable African countries, including Nigeria, to find faster ways to achieve durable and sustainable development. Helmut (1998), cited by Akpore (1999), states that of the technological changes that have influenced our lives in recent years, information technology (IT)......

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...less than 300,000 deaths per year in the United States. The obesity numbers have steadily increasing since the early 1990's in to the 2000's. European industrialized countries such as France, England, and Germany have half of the obesity numbers that we have here in the United States. The United States has 129.6 million people whom are obese. That accounts for 64% of our population. Foe example, in 1962 there was an obesity rate of 43% in the United States. In 2004, there was an obesity prevelance of 64%. Of that, 31% are obese adults. Most obese are males, minority and under educated. Obesity is a problem that is currently affecting the children of America as they live their sedentary lifestyles. Most kids growing up today do not eat a heathy diet, do not go outside and exercise, rather they sit in front of the tv or play video game. This a problem that needs immediate attention. There are many different theories on how obesity starts. Most doctors think that obesity is due to genetic influences, however other doctors believe that obesity is due to a person’s sedentary lifestyle and environment. Dr. Riden reported to the CDC (Center of Disease Control) that many families actually have a genetic obesity marker within their DNA. 40% of children with at least one parent that is obese will become obese.(Health Reference Center) 10% of children with lean parents will become obese. (Health Reference Center) Although, one could disagree with the argument as why obesity occurs.......

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...Walgreen pharmacist Ramona Pramedass-Blom and the rest of the staff in Tamarac, Florida, were always there to listen and answer her questions. The team members at Walgreens know Francesca and always ask how Raymond is doing.“I get everything at Walgreens,” Francesca says. “They’re just amazing. It means a lot that the employees there know me by name and even remember our favorite brands.” Walgreens’s strategy of Creating a Well Experience is to build a trusted and historic brand. With more than 8100 stores and 83 million members , Walgreens jump out of the traditional drugstore format to create a truly differentiated experience ,proving more in the stores for their customers. The goal for compan is to become the first choice of customers in heathy and daily living. Walgreens highlights in text and photos how people benefits with Walgreens health services to show investors that Walgreens transform the role of community pharmacy to take social responsibility by offering unparalleled access to innovative, high-quality, affordable health and wellness services within communities. There are more than 8.5 million total immunizations and 5 million specialty medications filled through Walgreens retail, infusion and central pharmacies in 2013. In the report, it states more than 10,000 seniors become eligible for Medicare each day. Walgreens help seniors with their prescription drug coverage by offering free Medicare prescription plan reviews. Patients who fill prescriptions at......

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...information that can lead to the identity of employees and patients, billing information about patients. Etc. The Information security analyst team is responsible for the determination of which employees require access to PHI and what level of access they require through discussions with the employee’s manager and approval. II. "No cardholder data should be stored unless it’s necessary to meet the needs of the business". (PCI Security Standards Council, 2010). III. Every Heart-Healthy new employee must sign a confidentiality and security standards agreement for handling customer information. IV. Every Heart-Healthy new employee will undergo security training that will be administered by the Information security analyst team. V. Every Heart-Heathy new employee must have a unique identifier. i.e. User ID PASSWORD REQUIREMENTS Passwords are an important aspect of computer and systems security. They are the front line of protection for user accounts. An imperfectly chosen password may lead in the compromise of Heart-Healthy Insurance’s entire corporate network. As such, all Heart-Healthy Insurance employees, including contractors and vendors with access to Heart-Healthy Insurance systems, are responsible for taking the appropriate steps, as outlined below. The intent of this review is to ensure that the policy complies with current regulatory requirements....

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...are obese. I feel the reason that we have so many kids that are so over weight is because of all the devices nowadays. You’ve got your iPod’s, iPad’s, cell phones, the Xbox, the Wii, Nintendo DS, and all the television channels, the kids are not outside playing, or riding bikes anymore. No they have their heads in a device sitting on their butts. When I was a child I would be outside from sun up to sun down, would only come in for lunch and dinner. I was out running, playing, swimming and riding my bike. Now I also feel that parents that are divorced don’t say no to all the junk food as much as if they were still married. I feel they are trying to win the love of their child anyway they can. Plus I feel that they eat out more and not as heathy when they are divorced, that’s just my opinion. I even believe babies are overweight nowadays with the parents wanting the baby to sleep all night they add cereal to their baby’s bottles making them gain weight. That’s not good for them it stretches their stomach then when they start eating baby food they want more then they need because it takes more to fill them up. Now that you have an overweight baby then it’s an overweight toddler and it just keeps going. It is really sad. Before you know it you have and overweight adult. Now for adult obesity, people are lazy. Like the kids nowadays the adults have their head suck in their devices as well. It’s easy to just sit home and look on Facebook or Pinterst, you can be on that for days.......

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...“The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness” (Romans 1:18).Even though we were created by God we still sin, we still make mistakes, but it is our job to live with goodness in our hearts and to do the will of God. Human Relationships We are to encourage each other in our faith and not boast or put down ones faith in Jesus Christ. There should be no boasting or bragging (3:24). One should not give in to their sinful desires but work to do what God has instructed them to do. We should not give in to our own desires of our hearts but deny all wrongful passions. Women should not sleep with women, and we should not be with men. We should have heathy relationships by living in that way of the Lord. Culture No matter how many works you have done it does not get you closer to being with God, only in faith will you be saved (3:28).We are to abide by the laws and those who do not will be judged by the law (2:12). Christians should not do as others are doing in this world that they know are wrong. As stated in Romans 12:2, do not be conformed to this world , but be transformed by the renewal of your world, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. You should show that you know the law by acting accordingly because you know the word of God and should not be excused for acting dishonorably. Christ died for our sins so that we could......

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Dieter down with? Usually a hot beverage. Coffee seems to work best because it balances out the how rich the cheese cake is, hot chocolate, latte’s, even espresso. Dieter can partner up with a beverage maker and market his beverages as a match made in heaven and start selling hot beverages to go along with his desserts. Cons of this alternative is that now he’s gained another expense by paying someone else to manufacture his beverage mix for him, and also once again he’s getting middle manned. Healthy living is a rapidly growing trend. Dieting and exercise are becoming integral parts of the consumers day, and at the end of your hard week of work, the gym, and eating clean, you want to reward yourself with a dessert. By dieter switching to heathy yet delicious recipes, he caters to the “health nut” demographic. Not only can he have returning customers because they know the recipes are healthy it won’t have to be a once a week thing, it can possibly be a three times a week thing. With the growing health conscious crowds, he can be one of the first dessert business’ to set this trend. The profits here are exponential. The cons of this alternative are retweaking recipes, a time consuming task to get a perfect healthy dessert. Another con would is that healthy ingredients usually cost a bit more than your basic ingredients, such as; non-organic apples vs organic apples....

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...beneficial way for them to get physical treatment instead of taking medication. After all, no one likes to consistently rely on medicines made of chemicals to relieve body pain. For example, I sometimes have a neck and shoulder pain, especially after long hours using the computer. I tried foot message occasionally when I was in China. I felt extreme pain the first time. However, after the foot massage, I could tell my body felt totally relaxed. Foot message boosted my blood circulation and alleviated my tension. I told my doctor about my foot massage experiences and he said foot message can be an alternative treatment to alleviate my neck and shoulder pain. In our society, people are influenced by many kinds of pain. In order to maintain a heathy body, foot massage is one method of easing pain and enjoying the body relaxation. Even though alternative medicines and methods cannot replace medication made of chemicals, it definitely can be one affiliated treatment to help more people. Since foot massage is being extensively applied and has been widely demonstrated it‘s effective in China, it is worthy to introduce it globally. In brief, foot massage is an alternative method with beneficial effects....

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...mental function”. I think the government needs to change that’s. An alternative for those deemed unfit would be public transportation. But by making it cheaper and more accommodating to the elderly I feel there won’t be as much of an outcry over revoking driving privileges. Larry Lipman say “Losing driving privileges is traumatic” but it doesn’t have to be if you make the alternative a more appeling option. In conclusion I feel that that the elderly show be watched with a closer eye when behind the wheel. By imposing simple age restrictions and yearly test we can prevent many possible fatal car accidents. But instead of just taking away driving privileges, giving the elderly alternative means of getting around as to maintain a heathy and productive life. Works Cited Citizens and Driving. Ed. Tamara Thompson. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2008. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 6 Mar. 2015. Lipman, Larry. "The Government Must Provide Transportation Programs for Seniors Who Cannot Drive." How Should Society Address the Needs of the Elderly? Ed. Tamara Thompson. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 2005. At Issue. Rpt. from "America Facing a Crisis of Elderly Non-Drivers." Cox News Service, 2004. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 6 Mar. 2015. Niedrich, Anastasia. "Restrictions on Elderly Drivers Are Necessary." Transportation. Ed. Louise Gerdes. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2008. Opposing Viewpoints. Rpt. from......

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...Prime Deason Poverty is a Direct Link to Obesity ITT It is not a secret that food has become significantly more expensive over the past years. Take a walk down an aisle in any grocery store and one would take notice that purchasing all of the five major food groups could potentially leave the consumer broke by the time they check-out. While the price on meats, fruits, and vegetables increases, the amount of cheap, prepackaged meals on the shelves continues to grow. Although, processed foods have been in grocery stores for quite some time, they have now almost taken over the super markets. While affordable and convenient, these prepackaged, processed foods can lead to many heathy problems, including obesity. With prices on food at the grocery store driving consumers away, the fast food industry has been stepped up in a big way. Along with families on-the-go, many families living poverty have turned the convenience of inexpensive, fast food. Known as the “dollar menu,” almost every fast food restaurant in the United States has this option on their menu. Not only is the “dollar menu” popular, but “value meals” are a favorite for consumers, as well. Fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds and Burger King, are not the only problem, though. Pizza establishments, for example CiCi’s and Pizza Hut, offer all you can eat buffets for considerably low prices. With the “dollar menu” and all you can eat buffets, the fast food industry markets their low prices geared towards......

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 I Beleave children are our future, by saying this, I feel responsable as a teacher to help them reach thier full potential, and to guide them to become heathy and productuctive happy grownups. To achive my goal i will lead the children to reach allways their maximum potential in every aspect of their learning process by exposing them to their soroundings and teaching the kids the role of every subjet in life, by experiment with real cituations in class, to have all kinds of materials and resources for them to use during the learning process, providing them a clean, safe, and happy atmosphere will be essential to do so. During this process i will let the children chalege themselfs to a higher level and have them learn that always trying is the must important thing, make them proud of their individual achivement. With every day activities record their improvements by taking pictuters and notes so i will be able to measure their leaning levels and new abilities and knowing their strenghts and weekneses will help me focuse in particular in each one of them, Letting the Parents get involve in some activities will also help me maintain their enrichment, and a better team work at home and school to reach all the goals. 1 Also showing the kids their improvements and prace it will give confidence and leading them to make desitions ang give out oppinions or suggestions by themselfs in......

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...been reported that hair will grow faster after cleansing the body. Cleansing the body will result in clearer thinking and promoting other healthy changes. Sugar and fattening foods can cause one to feel lazier and change the over quality of our thinking. Eating healthier will cause thoughts to be more vivid and shed the feeling of grogginess. A detox is a good way to shake bad habits; you’re removing toxins from the body’s organs, so it’s like a fresh start for your body. After all the toxins are removed it is a good idea to replace old habits with new habits and continue to lead a healthier lifestyle and make better choices; it also becomes easier to replace fattening foods since a detox takes place for a period of time it can form heathy habits. Detoxing is known to make people feel lighter and will help slow down the aging process. One will feel lighter during a detox because you cut out heavy foods that will weigh you down such as fried foods or foods high in carbs. Also most detox programs have a set meal plan to prevent over eating and unhealthy snacking. If you stick to a healthy lifestyle after detoxing all the benefits that have been covered will continue to be reinforced and that will reduce aging on your skin, hair, and internal organs. Detoxing can be done in many different ways, some are longer than others, some are quick and easy, some include exercise; but all detoxes benefit the body and mind in many different ways. Detoxing makes you feel good and......

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...perception of sports and nutrient in Qatar, where people think it’s a difficult and time-consuming process. | (2) Provide a list of your tactics and how they support your overall campaign strategy: | Pre-event activities: The aim is to primarily push our target audience to register for the event.Social media- 1) Create engaging posts about healthy habits that will be easily sharable. 2) Reach out to social media influencers to be part of the event, e.g. Mohammed Al Kuwari- chef and advocate of healthy eating. 3) Create (#Challenge_with_Friends) a weekly competition supported by our influencers. For instance, Mohammed, our chef, can create a healthy breakfast recipe post for our account and we’ll ask our followers to recreate their own heathy breakfast version and tag us to win a one-on-one lesson with Mohammed (redeemable during the event). Activation- We will promote our event by creating a health check booth where visitors will be able to get a healthy weight assessments and an invite to our event. Event: It’s a one day event filled with simple and fun activities. It will run under two main themes: sports and nutrient. The day would be schedule to include cooking workshops, inspirational talks on healthy living and workout classes. Finally, we’ll provide the participant with an action plan template to kick start a healthier lifestyle. | (3) Briefly provide rationale that your above plans will a) reach your target audience b) fulfill each of the client objectives, and......

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...and worse experiences. However, these stresses are a part of life, so we cannot hide from them. Therefore, we need to have any method to deal with stress such as exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, eating properly, learning to relax, practicing yoga and tai-chi, etc. For example, tai-chi and yoga can help to clear people’s mind and progressive muscle relaxation. To sum up, stress is the way of body response to many kind of demand, and it can be caused by both good and bad experiences. The negative stresses can horrible affect to people’s physical body, nervous system and social psychology. However, we cannot hide from stress because stress is apart in each person’s life, so we need any method to deal with stress such as eating heathy food, practicing yoga and tai-chi, etc....

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