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An Oracle database cannot determine the work done by a packaged function when the function is executed from inside a DML statement. Therefore, if packaged functions are to be executed from within a DML statement, developers must use aPRAGMA to define a purity level for functions defined as part of the package spec. A PRAGMA is a compiler directive that instructs the compiler to handle code in a specific manner. To define a purity level for a packaged function, the PRAGMA RESTRICT_REFERENCES is used.A purity level defined within a package spec instructs Oracle about the kinds of operations that the function performs. Table 6.1 lists the four purity levels that can be defined for a function. Table 6.1 Purity levels for packaged functions. | Purity Level | Meaning | WNDS | The function doesn’t alter the contents of any database table. | RNDS | The function doesn’t read the contents of any database table. | WNPS | The function doesn’t alter any variables within another package. | RNPS | The function doesn’t read any variables within another package. |
Listing 6.5 illustrates how the purity level of a function is defined within a package spec.Listing 6.5 Defining the purity level of a packaged function. PACKAGE System_Errors IS TYPE MessageParts_type IS TABLE OF varchar2 (20) INDEX BY binary_integer; vLastError varchar2 (100); THIS_PACKAGE CONSTANT varchar2 (13) := 'System_Errors'; xUNHANDLED_ERROR EXCEPTION; FUNCTION Build_Message (vObjectName IN varchar2, iErrorCode IN integer, vErrorString IN varchar2)…...

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This Is the Paper one of the most important things that a child receives as they are growing up. Going to school was an adventure and everyday our brains were worked and we were able to expand our knowledge through discussion and other activities. This is not the case anymore. When the No Child Left behind Act of 2001 (NCLB) was passed it was meant to herald in a new generation in learning, where every child regardless of ethnicity, social status or gender would receive the same education. This has not been the case in fact many schools are worse off now than they were before this law was passed (Smyth, 2008). The NCLB was intended to increase the funding that government funded schools received through incentives. This law made it so that schools are required to use standardized testing in order to determine what students will move on to the next grade and determine how the school is doing as a whole. There are three major areas in which the NLCB addresses: 1) all states are required to create a standard to test students with, 2) develop test to ensure that the students are at the level that is required, and 3) create measure so that the state can determine if the all students attain the prescribed levels (Dillon, 2011). All of this looks good on paper once there is an attempt to implement these standards in the real world is where the NCLB begins to fail. Schools quickly learned that in order to receive the most amount of money they had to ensure that a high percentage of......

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