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Helping the Homless

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Global Warming: What’s Up With The Weather Movie Notes


1) Why is it that weather and climate can be confused at times?

2) What is needed to distinguish between the two?

What makes it so difficult to come up with one value of the earth’s surface?

Is a 1 degree warming over the earth’s surface is a valid concern?

3) What did the monks from 500 years ago discover? Why were they a good measuring tool?

4) The weather patterns seemed to be highly variable over the last 20 years. Droughts, heat waves, floods and tropical storms seem to have become more active. IS this TRUE or FALSE? What are some examples?

5) What is the significance of ice core samples?

6) What is the significance of tree rings?

7) What is the significance of coral core samples?

8) Using these variables, how were they able to re-construct the past?

9) What is the significance of the Keeling Curve? Explain how it works. IMPORTANT!

10) Why is there a concern with an increase in Carbon Dioxide and an increase in global temperature? How does this relate to the Greenhouse Effect?

11) What are the atmospheres of Mars and Venus like?

12) Explain what is happening with the man in gas chamber and the infrared camera?

13) Part 4: Why is it easy to become confused about the future of climate. Are all climate models perfect? Is it somewhat true what Dr Singer says?…...

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...Search Home Page »Philosophy and Psychology Personal Model of Helping In: Philosophy and Psychology Personal Model of Helping PERSONAL MODEL OF HELPING Karen Carr January 10, 2010 BSHS312 – Effective Models of Helping Dr. Princess Clarke \ How and why you formed this viewpoint In growing up I always wanted to help other people. I was the child who other children confided in or came to when they wanted to talk or needed help with a problem. When growing up it was not common for black people to go to counseling. Families kept secrets among themselves and sometimes those secrets came back to haunt people many years later. When faced with problems people relied on their spiritual beliefs, the support of the family, and sometimes close friends. If a girl had gotten pregnant and not married that would have been kept top secret. Usually a family member would raise the baby and no one would ever speak openly about it. My family had to deal with the death of two of my brothers at young ages. It hurt my mother deeply having to deal with the loss of two children because of violence. These tragedies were never discussed even as we became adults. As I became older I realized that my mother and our entire family should have gotten counseling. It was not until after my mother passed that my uncle shared with me the pain and agony that she had suffered but his emotional pain as well. Your view of helping As an adult I see the damage that family secrets and not......

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