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Herbal Therapy

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Herbs are plants that have acquired some inherent value to humans. There is a certain power with the use of herbs because it is primarily intended to alleviate and provide quality of health. Three values that I found relevant with this book that I believe will also be beneficial for others to read is its medicinal property and edibility. All plants have the potential to fall into the one or all of these categories. Contrary to popular belief, the study of plants is not a pseudo-science. This belief perpetuates the idea that herbs need not be taken seriously. However, the study of herbs as a science, along with mushrooms and algae can safeguard human wellbeing when utilizing these plants. It is not my intent to promote DXN membership and business opportunities but to share the wealth of knowledge derived from the therapeutic health supplements for human wellness.

Defining Herbotherapy

Herbotherapy is a broad term used to refer to any type of healthcare treatment using fresh or dried herbs that also includes mushrooms or fungi such as the Ganoderma and the algae Spirulina. It is also known as a "natural" drug because they are derived from nature. This is unlike pharmaceutical drugs, which are synthesized from chemicals. The combination of all these elements from nature provides medicinal value in treating illnesses and diseases.

Herbal medicine dates back more than 4,000 years ago from the healing traditions of the Chinese and Japanese ancestors as decreed by their emperors. Grounded in Taoist beliefs and principles, Chinese herbal therapy incorporates the use of many different types of herbs in caring for the sick. While in some cases, a single herb is used in the therapeutic treatment, it is not at all unusual for several herbs to be combined in order to prepare medicine for a specific ailment.


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