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Hero and Villains in Literature

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I. Introduction A. Denotation of heroes and villains B. Introduction of characters

II. Robert Langdon- Hero A. Angels and Demons 1. Saved the Vatican a. Bravery b. Risks 2. Public hero at the end a. He did not have any super natural powers b. He did not care about the fame 3. Destroyed Illuminati secret society B. The Da Vinci code 1. Initially seen as criminal 2. Sauniers trust a. Helped Sauniers daughter find about the Holly Grail b. Keep the Holly Grail a secret 3. at the end seen as true hero by French police C. Hero developing? 1. Langdon has matured 2. Langdon is better organized 3. Langdon has better ideas of what to do next D. The Lost Symbol 1. Langdons lack of concentration a. Tricked into going to DC b. Used as information source by enemy 2. The victim is his friend
III. Personal Opinion about Langdon A. Real hero? 1. Destroyed other religious groups a. Was it really worth it? b. Or not? 2. Made some secrets public about a. The Illuminati b. Free Masonry B. Conclusion

IV. Camarlengo Carlo Venteresca A. How is he shown to the reader? 1. Family information a. Raised by mother b. Father died 2. Popes Camarlengo B. Discoveries and disagreements 1. Antimatter 2. Pope has a son

V. Camarlengos creation of Janus A. His goal as Janus B. Claimed to be the Illuminati leader 1. Poisoned Pope 2. Hired Assassins 3. Killed Kohler C. Antimatter- terrorist attack in the Vatican D. Suicide when found out that Pope was his father E. Acclaimed Pope by crowd

VI. Personal opinion about Camarlengo Carlo Venteresca A. Was he really a villain? 1. Was it his job to get rid of the antimatter? 2. Was it his job to kill the Pope? B. Is he really to be blamed by his lack of understanding? C. Conclusion to…...

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