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BTEC LEVEL 3 90 Credit Diploma in BusinessTutor – Jen Spencer | Unit 1
The Business Environment xxxxx Unit 1
The Business Environment xxxxx Assignment title | Research into the business environment – assignment 1 | Date issued | 27th September 2014 | Hand in date | 8th November 2014 | Learning aim | 1 | Know the range of different businesses and their owners | | 2 | Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purpose | Scenario | You have been employed as a business analyst in the Office for National Statistics (ONS). You main role is to provide documentation to businesses giving them information about organisational issues and the business environment. | Task 1 | P1 | Create a report that describes the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses | | P3 | And describe how two business are organised | | P4 | You should also explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purpose | Evidence | A report in Word. Use size 12 font with headings for each section. Include an index | Student Declaration | This is to certify that this is my own work and that all quotes are referenced and noted in the bibliography. | Name | Thomas Hope | Date submitted | 20/11/2014 | Grade expected | pass | | | Internal Verification | Signature | Date | IV Name | | | Lead IV | | | |

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Grading criteria | Achieved | Comments | P1 | Yes | Description of the type, purpose, ownership given | P3 | Yes | Good description of how businesses are organised | P4 | Yes | Explanation how the organisation helps them achieve their purpose | Feedback given by | Jen Spencer | Date feedback given | 25/11/14 |

Type of business, purpose and ownership
Dogs trust P1
Type of business

Dogs trust is a charity business which is a non-profit organisation because their aim is to help a certain group of animals this is what makes them a charity. The dogs trust will never have an aim to earn or make money for profit, the only reason they would like to make money would be so that they can buy better equipment such as new vehicles and software to help save and rescue dogs this is again what makes them a charity and what is the difference between them and a company like dominos who’s aim is to make profit.
The dogs trust rehabilitates and finds new homes for dogs which have been abandoned or given up by their owners. The dogs trust was founded in 1981 they are the largest dog welfare charity in the UK. Their say that their mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction.
The dogs trust was owned by a woman called Clarissa Baldwin who was CEO from 1986-2014 and was then taken over by a new CEO by the name of Adrian Burder who is still the present CEO of dogs trust from 2014 onwards.
Aims and objectives of the dogs trust
• To improve the safety of dogs in the UK.
• To help raise awareness of how dogs are in need
• To establish and maintain rescue/re-homing centres for the care, treatment and re-homing, where possible, of unwanted, homeless, stray, ill-treated, injured and sick dogs and to provide a permanent home for life for all those that cannot be re-homed.
• To ensure that no mentally and physically healthy dog taken into the protection of the rescue/re-homing centres shall be destroyed
• To aid persons of limited means in so far as their dogs’ welfare is concerned.
• To conduct research into, or gather information relating to matters affecting dogs and dog behaviour.

Dogs trust business activities * Caring for around 16,000 dogs. * Assisting overseas animal welfare charities by training their staff in best practice. * Buying new medical equipment to help find new cures for diseases dogs may have picked up
How does dogs trust interact with its customers?
Dogs trust generally has a good relationship with its customers. Dogs trust show customers what they can get for their money when they donate money to the company , dogs trust even sends a certificate to its customers to say that they have sponsored a dog and regularly sends updates to its donators on how the dog that they have sponsored is doing. All of these factors give dogs trust a reputation of a good relationship with their customers and a good level of interaction. Dogs trust also update the public on how their research is going when they are trying to find cures for new diseases in dogs which is well respected.

Dogs trust is a charity business its structure is a flat structure

CEO Adrian Budrer
CEO Adrian Budrer

Implications of a flat structure
In contrast to a tall organisation, a flat organisation will have relatively few layers or just one layer of management. This means that the “Chain of Command” from top to bottom is short and the “span of control is wide”. Span of control refers to the number of employees that each manager is responsible for. If a manager has lots of employees reporting to them, their span of control is said to be wide. A manager with a small number of direct reports has a narrow span of control. Due to the small number of management layers, flat organisations are often small organisations. This means that in dogs trust stores may have a manager to make sure all donations are taken care of properly and that everything is running smoothly.
Span of control
Adrian Burder has the span of control over dogs trust because he is responsible for running all of the different departments of the business.

Functional areas
This business is organised into departments, it has a marketing department is responsible for raising awareness and gaining donations. The production department is responsible for things like advertising such as the dogs trust advert. The human resources department is responsible for the employees of dogs trust so they would look after things like wages and holiday pay also future benefits. The information technology department of Dogs trust is responsible for looking after the website of dogs trust and making sure it is a good one and easy for customers to use. The customer service department of Dogs trust is responsible for making sure that the customer is always happy and satisfied with the service.

P3 how is dogs trust business organised
Clarissa Baldwin OBE, CEO
Clarissa has been CEO since 1986, having joined the charity in 1974 as Head of Public Relations. Her long-term goal is to ensure that all dogs, regardless of breeding, have access to loving homes and are treated fairly and humanely. Clarissa, who is the author of the slogan "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas", was awarded an OBE in 2003 for her work to improve animal welfare.

She is also:
Chairman of both the UK & International Greyhound Forums
Chairman of the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference
Chairman of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes
Chairman of the Welfare Committee for the Pet Plan Charitable Trust
Chairman of the Pet Advertising Advisory Group

As well as being a respected opinion former within animal welfare, Clarissa is also an advisor to government ministers at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and was heavily involved in the introduction of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Below, you can see a video of Clarissa speaking about the health benefits of being a dog owner on BBC News (2008). Clarissa, with the help of Charlie, call on GPs to prescribe dog ownership to their patients to help reduce stress and anxiety, blood pressure, immune system, et
Span of control
J.Patrick Doyle is responsible for span of control within Dominos because he is the one who looks over all of the different stores and franchises to see if they are being run correctly.

Functional areas
Dominos business is organised into lots of different stores and franchises. The shops are looked after by the owner who is in charge of the restaurant manager who is in charge of the team supervisor who is in charge of the employees.

P4 What are the aims and objectives of the business and are they SMART

The aims and objectives of dogs trust
Dogs trust have no official aims and objectives but this is what they do.

How would the structure support strategic planning?
The flat structure of dominos would support strategic planning because the CEO who controls everything could work so that he could take the company in the direction he wants it to.
How does the structure help the business achieve its aims and objectives?
The flat structure of Dogs trust can help it achieve its aims and objectives because there is a department assigned for each part of the business so each department can focus on its own work and to achieving the aims and objectives.

Is there any difference between the private sector and public sector in terms of aims and objectives? Yes there is a difference between the private and public sector in terms of aims and objectives because public sector companies often are there to aid the public at no cost so their aim is to not earn profit but to help. Whereas private sector companies aims are often to make profit and to make their business as big as possible so people know about them so they make sales. Private sector companies also want profit maximisation and survival.

Domino’s pizza
Type of business
Domino’s pizza is a public company who aim to make profit each year and to sell their product to the public this is why they are known as a public company.
The purpose of Domino’s pizza is to sell as many pizzas as they can to people across the globe while also trying to make a profit and producing quality that makes customers want to order from their franchise again. Domino's is the second-largest pizza chain in the United States (after Pizza Hut) and the largest worldwide, with more than 10,000 corporate and franchised stores in 70 countries. Domino's Pizza was sold to Bain Capital in 1998 and went public in 2004.
Domino’s pizza was founded in Ypsilanti, Michigan on June 10, 1960 it its founder was a man called Tom Monaghan and the CEO of the company is a man called J. Patrick Doyle.
Aims and objectives of Domino’s pizza
• To provide a fast pizza delivery/collection service which customers are satisfied with.
• Improve speed and efficiency of pizza making.
• make a profit.
• expend the size of the company.
• improve customer relations.
• expand more into the British market.
Domino’s pizza business activities * Making pizzas to sell on to consumers in-store worldwide * Delivery to customers world wide * Buying equipment needed to make pizzas such as grills and microwaves

How does Dominos interact with its customers?
Domino’s pizza has a good level of interaction with their customers because Dominos try to make ordering from them as easy as possible for their customers by making things like a new android / smartphone app which helps customers to make their order quicker and easier , the app also helps customers track where their order is for example the app would say if a delivery is being made , packaged or even if its on the way this creates a good relationship and interaction level between dominos and its customers because customers feel more involved and more valued when they order .

Structure of dominos business

Implications of a tall structure
This structure is called a tall organisation. Tall organisations have many levels of hierarchy. The span of control is narrow and there are opportunities for promotion. Lines of communication are long, making the firm unresponsive to change

P3- How is dominos business organised
Dominos division of work - Dominos division of work is dividing their stores across different countries and continents so that they can earn more money y and make more profit. Dominos earn money from every single store that they have divided around the world the money then comes back to the ceos and high regarded people in the business as well as paying wages to their employees. They do this so the workload is spread out and so they are not reliant on income from one particular place. In terms of communication in dominos store managers will get information from their store workers on how things are going and they will then tell area managers who will then communicate to the people in power at the top of the business like ceos and chairmen/ women.

Domino's Pizza UK & ILR plc - Parent company listed on the AIM.
Domino's Pizza Group Ltd - Runs Domino's Pizza in the UK and Ireland, holds the exclusive franchise license to own, operate and franchise the Domino's brand.
Domino's Corporate Team - Based at Milton Keynes, comprising over 200 employees.
The Leadership Team - Responsible for strategic decision-making.
Marketing - Understanding customers' needs and publicising the Domino's brand. Developing new products and use of technology.
Food Service - Manufacturing fresh pizza dough and sourcing fresh ingredients. Buying in or inventing equipment.
Information Technology - Technology and e-commerce activities.
Property - Acquires store premises, oversees planning permission applications and refurbishes stores.
Flawless Execution - Not a form of capital punishment! Actually, Domino's training and operations, including career development and store check activities.
Finance - Organises finance for franchisees, as well as overseeing cash flow, budget planning, sales and purchase ledgers, payroll, accounts and credit services.

P4 What are the aims and objectives of the business and are they SMART?
Putting people first demanding integrity striving for customer loyalty delivering with smart hustle and positive energy winning by improving results every day

These objectives are smart because they are specific, measurable and achievable, these aims are what dominos strive for everyday

How would the structure support strategic planning and help the business achieve its aims and objectives?
The structure of Dominos would support strategic planning because in Dominos business there are lots of different people at lots of different levels so everyone in the business can make sure everyone is doing their jobs properly and that they are not slipping up so that can achieve their objectives when strategically planning.

Is there any difference between the private sector and public sector in terms of aims and objectives?
Yes there is a difference between the private and public sector in terms of aims and objectives because public sector companies often are there to aid the public at no cost so their aim is to not earn profit but to help. Whereas private sector companies aims are often to make profit and to make their business as big as possible so people know about them so they make sales. Private sector companies also want profit maximisation and survival.…...

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