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Dairy Products in Morocco

An Industry Analysis
Presented to Prepared by


Lion Pty Ltd

Real Consulting

Caroline Clarke (n6529798)


Scope and purpose
Purpose of this report

Geographic market diversification is central to corporate strategies of successful global dairy players (Euromonitor, 2010a). The global dairy market will be driven by emerging regions that will account for up to 86% of global market growth in absolute retail value terms leading up to 2015 (Euromonitor, 2010a). Recent moves by leading dairy manufacturers show that successful strategies are focused on strengthening their positions and enhancing their production capacity, in particular emerging markets, in order to satisfy the rising demand for more industrially-processed dairy products in these regions (Euromonitor, 2010a). In light of these trends, this report explores the potential exporting or direct investment opportunities for Australian dairy products manufacturer Lion Dairy & Drinks Australia Pty Ltd (Lion) in Morocco, an emerging market in North Africa (See Appendix A for firm details). Diversifying into Morocco aligns with Lion’s vision to “be the leading and most trusted branded beverage & food company in our world” (Lion, 2011). The purpose of this report is to identify the comparative advantage Lion holds in the Australian market and evaluate if this can be maintained or recreated in the Moroccan market, making it an attractive diversification option.



Report scope
Geographic scope: Morocco

Several key dimensions define the scope of this report.

The market under consideration is the Kingdom of Morocco (Morocco). For the purposes of this report, the disputed territories, including Western Sahara are not included as part…...

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