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In the late 1800's, one of the items below was not likely to exist at the same time as the other four. Which of the following does not belong on the list? bank closings

contraction of credit (credit more difficult to attain)

a rise in the unemployment rate

increased business failures

an increase in wages and salaries.

Question 2
10 / 10 pts
In the early 1900's, inflated currency actually came to the country through an increase in the gold supply. Earlier, William Jennings Bryan had sought inflation by ____________. selling Federal Treasury Bonds at a discounted rate.

increasing the amount of silver coinage and silver-backed paper money.

decreasing the amount of gold in circulation.

increasing government expenditures to stimulate the economy.

reducing the prime interest rate to stimulate investments.

Question 3
10 / 10 pts
In the Ocala Demands, the Populists demanded the abolishment of the national government. True


Question 4
10 / 10 pts
Complete the following progression: AGRARIAN DISCONTENT; the GRANGE ASSOCIATIONS; FARMERS' ALLIANCES; _____________. Coxey's Army The Populist Party

the Grange associations

the election of Rutherford Hayes as President


Question 5
10 / 10 pts
Which of the following terms is not compatible with the other terms on the list? economic stimulus package

"bailouts" to troubled farmers or businesses "hands off" governmental attitude monopoly regulation

welfare provisions

Question 6
10 / 10 pts
Your railroad line has made a fortune through questionable practices such as rebates, rate discrimination, and pooling agreements. Do you support the Interstate Commerce Act? No


IncorrectQuestion 7
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Grover Cleveland is to fathering a child out of wedlock as James G. Blaine is to ______________ questionable loyalty to his country.


political reform

drug addiction.

None of the other answer choices is correct.

Question 8
10 / 10 pts
In the Ocala Demands (American Perspectives), the Populists sought to increase the usage of silver as part of the money supply. True


Question 9
10 / 10 pts
It is the late 1800's. You are deeply in debt. Why do you prefer bimetallism (unlimited coinage of silver)? I don't want bimetallism. As a debtor, I want a strict gold standard. Because I am a traditionalist and do not want change in the economic policy. The resulting inflation will allow me to pay back my debt with money that is worth less than what I borrowed and is easier to come by. The government will offer debtors a "bail out," if inflation reaches 5% or more. Question 10
10 / 10 pts
You run a small manufacturing plant that directly competes with British and German industry. Which candidate will get your vote in 1896? William McKinley

Theodore Roosevelt

Grover Cleveland

James B. Weaver

William Jennings Bryan Quiz Score: 90 out of 100…...

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