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Happy Hunger Games!
The Hunger games by Suzanne Collins. The authors purpose in my opinon of this book is to entertain. Why? I think Suzanne Collins wrote this so people can be entertain by watching people kill each other for their own life. People might find it entertaining on being curious who might be the winner. Its all entertainng and fun until its one of your relative fighting and killing for their life. May the odds be ever in your favor.

The Hunger games is about one girl and boy must be selected for each of tweleve district ages between 12-18, they are force to fight one another to the death only one is allow to survive and win the game. District 12 which is located in Panem, the western side of North America and is one of the poorest district. Katniss Everdeen a 16-year old girl who is a very hard working girl, that would do anything for her sister Primrose Everdeen. Katniss Volunteer in place of her sister for the 74th hunger game also Peeta Mallark was selected for district 12. On a televison interview peeta tells everyone that he has a secret crush on Katniss. Katniss at first didnt like the fact Peeta liked her but her mentor Haymitch Aberathy who wether once all of the other tributes and district are dead and they are the only ones remaing the gamemakes decide to change the rules back to only one tribute could win the game the only think they could think of its sucide so they can trick the gamemakers. Katnis had the berry's she said " count to 3 we eat them. 1,2, thr.. Stop! the game makers declars them the 74th hunger game winner!

One of the difference between the movie and books was that the book said Peeta father went to vist Katniss before they were sent to fight in the game and he gave her cookies which she threw out and in the movie it did not show that sence. This story was very intense and I really liked it. You got to live it to feel…...

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