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VoxSkool Music Hub for better Health & Happiness! by Victoria Beebee

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This project will only be funded if at least £20,000 is pledged by Mon, Apr 18 2016 3:06 AM AWST. Fleet, UK Music
In this day & age we feel worn down by so many daily pressures & emotions. We believe MUSIC is the MEDICINE of NOW!

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Victoria Beebee
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About this project
Hey, I'm Victoria and I've been singing, writing and performing from a very early age and had a life of touring around the world and releasing my own material, which was amazing to experience with lot's of musicians and respected artists, as well as meeting brilliant every day people who loved the music!
About 10 years ago I started to coach kids and adults to sing and express themselves through music, as I realised music has the power to change your mood from negative to positive and really aid in the healing of the mind, body and spirit. So I continued to coach and began gaining lots of new students. Each year we would gather everyone, all ages and cultures together and put on a concert for the local community, often raising funds for people in need. This would be a great goal for each student to over come their fears and anxieties, putting emphasis on helping others. The concerts have all been successes, I'm pleased to say and new relationships formed amongst performers and in the community - it's a really feel-good vibe, where everyone is a winner whatever ability.
So, I've been teaching from a very small room in my home for a long and having to rent village halls and venues etc, which is okay, but I have a dream to take the skool bigger, so musicians and students can visit a place that feels like 'home from home' and reap the benefits of having a larger space to express themselves in and get creative in various rooms within the premises. It aims to be a safe, warm and friendly place where nobody is judged, only supported and that people can come to and experience an amazing time away from their usual life and problems. It's a place to get some much needed balance and happiness back, which as we know is always a positive knock-on effect to those around us. Imagine, voices singing, instruments playing, songwriters writing & brains storming, people laughing and stress disappearing - this is Music Health in it's best form! If I know one thing, I know that music and singing has helped me no end in my life and I really would like to be able to offer many people out there the chance to experience the same great feeling of freedom through the one universal thing I think humans have in common - MUSIC! Ultimately I'm asking kindly please for your pledges to KickStart this project off, so I can find a building/hub to run all of the great beneficial sessions from, socially it will be a fantastic place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come to and in the future, the plan is to bring amazing coaches/teachers with the same mind-set to be part of this diverse team and project, whether it be a musical instrument, vocals, song-writing or a well-being group that uses all of that and more to give something special. Thank you so much - be blessed xxx
Risks and challenges
Finding a suitable hub/premise to begin with maybe tricky, but I intend to do lot's of research for rentable places (initially) locally and slightly out of the area to cover all possibilities and chances of securing a place for the public to come and visit and experience music and singing in the best possible way.

Los Angeles, United States
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Help us make our WORLD PREMIERE deadline at the Newport Beach Film Festival!!
#jazz #music #losangeles #documentary #musicdocumentary

Hal Masonberg
699 Facebook Friends Film
Los Angeles, California
United States
2 team members
Contact • See More Details
JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY Music Rights is a sponsored project of the International Documentary Association.

We've just been informed that we have a MATCHING FUNDS DONOR!
If we can raise $7,000 by March 23rd, our generous donor will MATCH those $7,000, bringing us to our goal of $14,000, which is what we need to acquire the licensing rights to make our WORLD PREMIERE at the Newport Beach Film Festival next month!
If we do not achieve this goal, we will NOT be able to screen JAZZ NIGHTS at the Newport Beach Film Festival!
Read below to find out exactly what we need and why this deadline is so very crucial.

After 2 - 1/2 years of hard work and commitment, the feature-length documentary JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY is just about complete, as promised, thanks to the support of people like you and our wildly successful crowd-funding campaign back in April 2014.
Please watch our Fundraising Trailer above. It will give you a terrific sense of the tone and flavor of the film, the imagery, the music, and the incredible musicians whose stories are at the heart of JAZZ NIGHTS.
JAZZ NIGHTS has been shot and edited and we have just wrapped our professional 5.1 sound mix thanks to the skills and talent of sound mixer and sound supervising editor extraordinaire, Tom Marks.

We still have one more color-correction pass to go before JAZZ NIGHTS will be ready to start screening at film festivals and streaming online. It has been an incredible adventure making this film a reality and the only thing keeping us from being able to start showing JAZZ NIGHTS publicly is acquiring the music licensing rights to the jazz standards performed by the musicians in the film, as well as rights to the vintage stills and archival footage used in JAZZ NIGHTS.
With film festival deadlines fast approaching (April!), we need to raise these funds, otherwise we will have to start turning down film festival invitations as JAZZ NIGHTS must have these rights to legally screen. This is why your support is so very crucial.

The documentary JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY intimately brings to light what it means to take risks as an artist, what it means to be a jazz musician today — particularly in Los Angeles — and what it means to be part of the ongoing history of jazz and the joyful exploration of passion and community.
JAZZ NIGHTS chronicles a fleeting and almost completely unknown moment in time involving a group of L.A.’s top jazz musicians who brought jazz history full circle by forging a modern-day version of the forbidden Prohibition-Era speakeasy culture that jazz itself grew out of.
For two years, these premiere musicians congregated on Sunday nights at an illicit, back-room hash bar hidden in the heart of Hollywood. Once a week, these expert musicians formed a circle, a coterie of non-verbal, intuitive communication. There were no pre-determined set lists, no rehearsals. Attendance was through word-of-mouth only. No advertising.
The result was an all-out exploration — both personal and communal — of what it means to be an artist and to passionately follow one’s heart.
You can read and listen to much more about JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY at our official web site:

Great news! We have received fiscal sponsorship from the International Documentary Association (IDA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
This means that all contributions on behalf of JAZZ NIGHTS are payable to IDA and are tax deductible, less the value of any goods or services (perks) received, as allowed by law. The value of goods and services being offered is noted under each perk donation level (if you would like to deduct the entire donation amount, you have the option to simply decline the perk at check out).

The ultimate goal of this campaign is to bring JAZZ NIGHTS first to Film Festival audiences, and then to audiences at home via Streaming.
To achieve this, we've set up different stages of goals. When we reach one goal, we will continue our campaign in the hope of reaching the next goal, and then the next, until JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY is finally available to anyone and everyone who wants to see it.
With your help and support, we will make this happen!

We have worked diligently with the publishing companies, as well as the artists and their estates, to get the best licensing quotes possible for a low-budget production. Much has also been generously donated to the film by many artists and their representatives.
With the film itself completed, the only thing standing in our way between the finished film and getting it out to you, are the remaining licensing rights.
Here's what we still need, how much it will cost, and exactly where your contribution will go:
FESTIVAL RIGHTS * Song Synch Rights and Licensing for Festival Use: $3,250. * Vintage Stills Rights & Licensing for Festival Use: $5,369. * Archival Video Rights & Licensing: $3,455. * Final Color-Timing: $1000. * DCP Transfer of Finished Film: $525. * DCP Hard Drive Copies of Finished Film (2): $450. * SUBTOTAL: $14,049.
STREAMING RIGHTS * Song Synch Rights and Licensing for Streaming : $13,000. * Vintage Stills Rights & Licensing for Streaming: $4000. * SUBTOTAL: $17,000.

Unlike many other campaigns, JAZZ NIGHTS is a finished film. It is ready to be seen and distributed. With your help, we will now be able to bring it to audiences worldwide.

And please check out some of the amazing perks we're offering from both the JAZZ NIGHTS team and some of our incredible sponsors who have donated truly special gifts to be offered here to contributors like you!

We've been holding private screenings and benefit screenings of JAZZ NIGHTS in Los Angeles. Here is what is being said so far by esteemed members of the Los Angeles jazz community and beyond:

“At the heart of creative music, there is the language of life, truth, love, tragedy and expression. The therapeutically shared musical catharsis that emanates from Jazz was intimately captured with rich color, texture and solid sound storytelling. A documentary for all to see!”
-LeRoy Downs, Jazz broadcaster in Los Angeles on KJazz 88.1 FM, on KPFK 90.7 FM, KCRW 89.9 FM, KXLU 88.9 FM, 1410 AM KRML in Carmel and KRML 94.7 FM in the Monterey area. Host of the Monterey Jazz Festival for nearly 15 years as well as The Jazz Cruise, The Playboy Jazz Cruise, KPFK’s Hero Awards Tribute to Billy Higgins, The Angel City Jazz Festival, Terranea Resorts Jazz Through the Generations, The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz West Coast competitions, Producer of The World Stage 25th Anniversary Concert, Curator for Jazz for the Holidays series with Arts Brooksfield, Jazz Curator of the Steven James Buchanan Jazz Collection at the Mayme Clayton Jazz Library and Museum, owner and journalist for the website, producer of the made for television pilot “Hangin’ with the Jazzcats” and The Brand New Show on Aspire called "The Jazz Creative."

“JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY is a riveting tour de force. With candor and unbridled passion, the artists resonate beyond the bandstand.”
—Jeffrey Winston, California Jazz Foundation Board of Directors, jazz producer, historian, journalist, producer of the World Stage Jazz Festival, and World Stage Stories archivist.

“Enjoyed JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY immensely and for many reasons. The production qualities are very high, very well done, including excellent cinematography, which takes the viewer into the world of the artists and makes them part of the scene. I had such a strong feeling of direct engagement with the music and the artists, that there was nothing in between — especially loved that there was no narrator instructing what I should think and feel!
“The audience, especially those relatively new to jazz (but not only) should gain incredible insight into this art form. It so effectively conveys many of the reasons jazz is so powerful and vital.”
–Steve Isoardi, author The Dark Tree: Jazz and the Community Arts in Los Angeles, Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles, Songs of the Unsung: The Musical and Social Journey of Horace Tapscott.

“Jazz Nights: A Confidential Journey is beautifully made, with the highest respect and admiration for the music, the playing, and the lives of the players. “For me, it’s a classic with a firm place in the cultural archives right next to The Freshest Kids, Basquiat: The Radiant Child, and any Warhol documentary. It was so exciting to see my peers honored, our time in history captured, and the art form portrayed with such reverence.”
—Ebony Ann Blaze, Blues/Jazz Vocalist

“What Hal Masonberg –mason jar more likely because he captures the goods and preserves them with tasty morsels–did was create an archive. Which, for me last night, was living and breathing. The river of music that soundtracked the film ebbed and flowed out of the dialogue– of biographies, philosophies, styles, signatures… I didn’t have to worry or wonder or ask questions about what the film was about… The film took care of me. I just had to — like a solo– ride it.
“When a thing is well made, it speaks for itself. It moves you.
“Thank you Hal for the tapestry, the editing, the following through with a gut feeling… What a way to make us feel that spark again, that seed of Life again -Musically, Visually, Politically… and Spiritually.”
–Lynn Elishaw, Artist/Teacher

“I am very proud and touched by this beautiful artistic statement, which I also happen to be a part of.
“I had a personal screening yesterday of “Jazz Nights: A Confidential Journey” and I sincerely believe it’s the best documentary I’ve seen in that it takes you into the psyche of a musician, like no other documentary had before.
“And unlike other music documentaries, this one has a LOT of what musicians do best: perform poetry WITHOUT Words; i.e. PLAY MUSIC. Our director Hal Masonberg shows with every shot and edit that he truly loves the musicians and the music and the nature of collective expression.”
–Josh Duron, Musician

In addition to all the information we have on our official web site,, you can also check out some recent radio interviews we did here in the Los Angeles area, as well as watch our post-screening cast & crew Q&A from our tremendously successful Benefit Screening hosted by Canon USA in Hollywood. * LISTEN HERE TO KPFK RADIO INTERVIEW OF JAZZ NIGHTS CAST & CREW. * LISTEN HERE TO RADIO SOMBRA’S JAZZ NIGHTS INTERVIEW ON SMALL TALK CON SAPO! * WATCH CANON USA POST-SCREENING CAST & CREW Q&A:

We understand that not everyone can afford to contribute financially, but there are other ways you can still help and we'd really love for you to be a part of JAZZ NIGHTS in any way possible: * Post a link to this campaign on your Facebook and other social medial sites. * Tell your music and film friends about this campaign. * We also accept sponsorship gift donations of products and services that we can place on this page as perks for our contributors. If you own a business or simply own an item or items that you would like to donate as a potential perk, please consider becoming a JAZZ NIGHTS Sponsor. You can view some of our sponsors here: * We are always looking for places to hold private benefit screenings of JAZZ NIGHTS to help us reach our goal. If you or someone you know has access to a screening room/movie theater/private residence screening room and would like to host a JAZZ NIGHTS Benefit Screening, please let us know:
Thanks for all your interest and support!

Indiegogo takes credit card payments via PayPal. You do NOT have to open an account with PayPal to make a contribution under $500.
The following is for contributions of $500 and over only:
For this, Indiegogo requires you to open a PayPal account, but PayPal does NOT require access to your bank account (unless you want it to and authorize it to do so). If you already have a Paypal account or do not mind opening one, please go ahead and contribute on this page by selecting a perk of your choice to the right.
If you would like to make a contribution of $500 or more and would prefer NOT to open a PayPal account, you can either: * Make a contribution directly via the IDA. Your contributions made directly via the IDA will NOT show up on this page and will not count toward reaching our Indiegogo stated goal, but you will bypass PayPal and all contributions will still go directly to JAZZ NIGHTS and are fully tax-deductible: (

* If you do not want to sign up for PayPal but would like your $500 and up contribution to count toward our stated Indiegogo goal and show up on this page, you can opt to make several smaller contributions here on Indiegogo until you reach the desired amount of your full contribution. All donations are still tax-deductible (minus the value of whichever perks you choose, if any).
If any of this is confusing or you have questions, please contact me directly (as opposed to just giving up - we really need your support and will work to make this process as simple and as easy as possible):

As you can see from everything above, we have put our hearts and souls into getting JAZZ NIGHTS completed and it's difficult to describe just how excited we are to get JAZZ NIGHTS out there for audiences to discover and embrace.
We are incredibly honored that our film is already resonating so strongly throughout the jazz community even though we haven't officially released it yet! We're holding our breaths in anticipation of film festival screenings where large audiences can experience JAZZ NIGHTS together and continue that sense of passion and community that is at the heart of JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY.
We would love nothing more than to have you as part of our JAZZ NIGHTS family and to experience this incredible journey with us.
From the musicians and myself, we thank you in advance for your generous support. --Hal Masonberg, producer/director/editor JAZZ NIGHTS: A CONFIDENTIAL JOURNEY The Better Angels of Our Nature - Recording Project by Brian McCarthy
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This project will only be funded if at least $12,000 is pledged by Fri, Apr 8 2016 9:43 PM AWST. Burlington, VT Jazz
A modern jazz work exploring traditional songs from the American Civil War

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Brian McCarthy
First created | 2 backed
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Campaign Updates 5 Comments 0 Community Back This Project Remind me
About this project
I am a saxophonist, composer and educator living in Burlington, Vermont. I recently was the recipient of a Vermont Arts Council Creation Grant, and am a Selmer-Paris Endorsed Artist. My last album as a leader, This Just In (2013), received wide acclaim and toured the East Coast. All About Jazz said “[McCarthy] touches those roads Joshua Redman travels on with a fresh footing. This band excels at building anticipation… exciting.” As a sideman in Burlington, you can find me alongside trumpeter Ray Vega and with Burlington's funk establishment, The Grippo Funk Band. I have arranged for Mike Gordon (Phish), Guster, and composed new works for All-State Music Festivals in Vermont and New York.
The music industry has change drastically over the years. Record labels can no longer afford to back Independent artists like me, and many artists have turned to self-produced albums. I have self-produced two records this way with success, but recording a large ensemble is more than twice the cost, and impossible for me to do alone. Crowd funding is the new model for an independent artist to produce a large project like this. It allows supporters like YOU, to essentially pre-order the album in advance, and get us into the studio. Paying 8 other musicians for their skill and talent is expensive, along with multiple days in the studio, art design and album duplication all comes at a cost I can't front. I can, however, produce this large project more cost-effective than most. Mainly because I'm efficient in the studio, which means less time (and less money)...aaaaand I happen to be married to an incredibly talented producer/manager whom I can pay in home-cooked meals and laundry.
Now here's the catch...Kickstarter works ONLY if we reach our goal. If we don't hit the goal, I can't make the album. So my hope is if you decide to support this project financially, you'll also decide to share the project with friends/family/colleagues/enemies you think would be interested in this. Maybe you have a friend that likes jazz, or the Civil War. And if you know someone that likes both...well, cue up the theme from "Rockie" cause this is the best news ever...
Ok, I'm going to get serious for a minute. I’ve had a historical fascination with the Civil War most of my adult life. As an educator, it’s also the era where I begin my Jazz History classes. Exploring the history of events, I began to also uncover the music of the era. The melodies are wonderful, memorable, and the lyrics offer a glimpse into life at the time. Songs often have a Union version and a Confederate version. They were based on poems, stories and famous abolitionists, like John Brown. When I received a Creation Grant from the Vermont Arts Council for a large ensemble work, it was an easy decision to explore the music further by re-imagining it in the context of jazz.
In Lincoln’s first inaugural address, he ends the speech with an appeal to “…the better angels of our nature,” in the hope to avoid war. The phrase resonated with me as a jazz musician and as a human. Out of America's sad history of slavery, racism and discrimination, jazz music emerged and truly represents one of the better angels of our nature. I saw a parallel which made for perfect, yet challenging, original material for the project.
November 2015 Premiere
We did a two-night premiere back in November of 2015 at The Flynn Center for Performing Arts in Vermont, along with a student matinee. The evening performances were packed, and it was really great to see the Middle School kids get excited during the matinee. Many audience members told me they were transported back to the Civil War through the familiar songs. The incredible talent of the individual musicians, and the honest joy we had playing this music was felt by everyone who was there. This was the first personal project where people came up to me after, still wiping the tears from their eyes. In that moment, I realized the impact of this project. The number one thing I heard was people wanted an album to take here we are!
This band is so good, I don't even deserve to be in it. You can see below, the bulk of my costs are to pay these musicians. They brought my music to life, and are why the end result will be something special. Support me, and them!
Brian McCarthy, composer, alto & soprano saxophone
Daniel Ian Smith, tenor & soprano saxophone
Stantawn Kendrick, tenor saxophone
Bill Mobley, trumpet & flugelhorn
Cameron MacManus, trombone
Andy Gutauskas, baritone saxophone
Justin Kauflin, piano
Matt Aronoff, bass
Zach Harmon, drums
Linda Little, producer
Our benefits are all about the music and gratitude. You'll be taking home the full-length album of this Civil War inspired project which includes an 8-page booklet outlining the story and inspiration behind the work. There's an option to take home my last album "This Just In"(pictured below, and features Ray Vega and Justin Kauflin quite nicely...if I might add), Bonus Tracks recorded during the session that will only be available to Kickstarter supporters (I have Clark Terry and Mulgrew Miller in mind for these...), signed pieces of music from the actual premiere and recording session (it's very nice and even the entire 80-minute closing night recording of our premiere in November 2015, professionally recorded and came out amazing (you've been hearing clips in the video, shout-out to Ken French and Chuck Eller!). Other options include a private lesson - because who doesn't want to become a better improviser or learn to compose? Or we can just geek out on saxophone gear for an hour.
Don't see the benefit you want or have your own ideas? Send me a message, we can work it out (I'm quite reasonable...)!

Click to preview "This Just In" - 2013, with Ray Vega, Trumpet - Justin Kauflin, Piano - Evan Gregor, Bass - Quin Blandford, Drums
Music from the premiere...see...niiiiice paper!

Yup, it is expensive! Did I mention it was expensive? Here is the breakdown of the costs.
Artist fees - (8 musicians that you're supporting) $5,200
Studio Costs - (3 days in a beautiful new Vermont studio) $3,000
Publicity - (radio, magazines, social media) $1,500
Duplication - (Jewel Case w/8-page insert) $1,500
Album design - $500
Photography - $300
Total: $12,000
Visit for more information!
Risks and challenges
My only challenges are reaching our funding and spreading the word. Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform, so we have to reach $12,000 to get the money you pledge.
We get the funding, I promise a musical experience you'll keep forever and my honest gratitude for helping make that happen! The James Kob Project "Because of You" by James Kob
pledged of $5,000 goal
seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
This project's funding goal was not reached on April 10, 2014. Crestline, CA Music
The James Kob Project; "Because of You" is a beautiful compilation which ranges from Jazzy Bossa Nova, Samba, Beguine and Latin to Cont

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James Kob
First created | 0 backed See full bio Contact me
Campaign Updates 0 Comments 1 Community About this project
The James Kob Project; "Because of You" is a beautiful compilation which ranges from Jazzy Bossa Nova, Samba, Beguine and Latin to Contemporary Country, Pop, Soft Rock, Popular- Standards and Smooth- Jazz styles.
Risks and challenges
We could face all of the common problems and challenges facing a music production company. We have in house technical record and production capabilities that allow us to meet any obstacle we might encounter.…...

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...Week 5 homework 11/24/2013 1. One category of birth control is Fertility Awareness-Based Methods. What are the different methods involved and how effective is this category. Temperature Method — You will take your temperature in the morning every day before you get out of bed. Cervical Mucus Method — You will check the changes in your cervical mucus every day for the first part of your cycle until you are sure you have ovulated. Calendar Method — You will chart your cycles on a calendar. The best way is to combine all these methods. When they are combined they are called the symptothermal method 2. 'Birth control' is any thing that stop a woman or girl from becoming pregnant, or giving birth. Birth control can mean a wide range of things – from 'contraceptives' (used to reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant) to other ways of avoiding pregnancy, like not having sex. Contraceptives work by preventing a man’s sperm from fertilizing a woman’s egg, and can be done in several different ways. Students typically have a problem in distinguishing the difference between these two. Describe at least two methods of each and then explain why these are so easily confused. Two main types of contraception: Depo Provera which causes the woman to not have a cycle for three months and block the sperm from getting to the egg and another method is the birth control patch which is changed weekly. . Other types of contraception’s are surgical procedures like......

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The Winning Kick

...The Winning Kick In football, many games come down to the last wire to where many kickers seem to succeed while many others often fail. Kickers seem to fail under various amounts of pressure due to crowd noise, not good with pressure, or cannot seem to do their job so their team can count on them at in point throughout the season. But in this game, my team and I would not take failing or losing as an option. Waking up to my alarm sounding at early morning I really don’t feel like getting up as I try to sleep in as long as I can. With my dad calling my name from downstairs and constantly calling me on my cell phone, I finally awake my lazy self to get in the shower. As I get ready that morning excitement of a Friday rushes through my blood because it is the end of the day for school, and it is also the first football game of my senior year. I look in the mirror and think to myself how I would play that night but little did I know that it would be up to me to make the game count or not. Walking down the stairs, mom is yelling at me saying, “Bubba!! What do you want for breakfast?” My normal morning breakfast would usually consist of nothing as I never really motivate myself to eat breakfast. Going through my binder for school my family is constantly asking me questions about the day and if I have finished all of my homework the night before and if I’m ready for the game tonight and so on. As I’m rushed to leave out of the house because I am usually running late due......

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Fire Starter

...Anastasia believes that flat tax is wrong/right because There’s an s under my clothes On my chest where no one else can see I light up when the doors are closed Yeah I’m free yeah And I wish I could make my move I can tell that you’re really into me And I don’t got a thing to lose, in my dreams, in my dreams Im a bad ass, jumping off the moving train Im a Jane Bond, putting all the guys to shame Im a wild card and Im going to steal your game You better watch out Im a fire starter Make your blood run faster I melt hearts like water Yeah Yeah oh Yeah Yeah I might look all innocent But the embers are burning inside of me And Im ready to take that step, can’t you see, cant you see? Im a bad ass, jumping off the moving train Im a Jane Bond, putting all the guys to shame Im a wild card and im going to steal your game You better watch out Im a fire starter...

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Conversation Starter

...BUS 551 Conversation Starter For Decision-Making Student Name: Xinzi Li Student Number: 11761204 Conversation Starter After I read the article and eBook, I got some experience and found that making decision is a complex part of our daily lives. Nowadays, the business environment is full of competitions. In order to reach the organizational goals, the company should think about which choice is the best decision when they face some problems which may influence their benefits. As we know, effective decision-making is essential to an organization's success. So how to make a best decision is the most important thing what the company need to care about. However, making a decision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered, and in such a situation we want not only to identify as many of these alternatives as possible but also to choose the one that has the highest probability of success and the best fits with organizational goals. In fact, it is hard to identify which alternative choices is the best fits with our benefits. So decision making models and approaches is very important for reaching organizational goals. Most people are just waiting for the lucky opportunity to choose the best choice. However, it is waste of time and real opportunity which can increase the profit of their company. Actually, we need to establish a decision model and use it when we meet some problems which we have not met. Here is rational model: 1. We need to......

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Yoghurt Production by Two Starter Culture

...blend of Streptoccoccus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbruekii subsp.Bulgaris (LB) cultures. Usually, the making of yoghurt involved the pretreatment of milk follow by the homogenization, heat treatment, cooling to incubation temperature, inoculation with starter, fermentation , cooling, post fermentation treatment, chilling and lastly packaging for commercial yogurt production. In this experiment, the making of yoghurt followed the batch process. The 1000ml of UHT milk is mixed with some milk powder to increase the content of milk solid non fat in the milk in order to improve the texture with the help of protein functionality. The equipment used for mixing is sterilized so that the contamination of products with phage and spoilage microbes is reduced to minimum. The mixture of milk is then double boil in boiling water to provide a sterile environment for the starter culture to grow while denature whey protein to from a stable gel that disallow the occurrence of syneresis. The heating of the milk is also done to break down the milk constituents to provide nutrients and reducing condition for the starter culture. One of the constituent is Sulphydral compounds which are the nutrients and reducing condition for this starter culture. In addition, heating process also remove air from the medium to aid the anaerobic process that is going to occur during fermentation. When the heated milk reach the desire temperature, it is cooled down in ice water bath. Then two spoon of fresh......

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...Homework Assignment 3 1. Current price in US dollars? (1924/98) $19.63 USD The price in July 2012? (1924/123) $15.64 USD 2. The percentage price change since January? (1924/114) = $16.88 USD ($19.63-$16.88) = $2.75 ($2.75/16.88) = 16.29% increase. Since last July? 19.63-15.64 = 3.99 3.99/15.64 = 25.51% increase 3. What other factors does Dennis need to consider in calculating total landed cost? Cost of the item, brokerage fees, shipping costs, currency conversion, shipping costs, handling fees, customs duties, tariffs and taxed 4. What do each of these terms mean to Dennis? a. Ex works, Seoul, Korea, SKw 12,100 (12,100/806)=$15.01 USD. This is the price of the unit once it is made accessible at the factory. There are still costs that need to be added such as, transportation costs, insurance cost, brokerage fees and applicable duties/taxes. b. CIF Baltimore, $15.50 USD. This means that the cost includes transportation and insurance to the port in Baltimore. Here are still costs that need to be added which are, brokerage, duties/taxes, and inland freight costs. c. DDP New York, $16.50 USD. This means that the cost has already been figured in and it includes transportation, insurance and duties/taxes. The cost that needs to be added is inland freight and brokerage fees. 5. What other pieces of information might Dennis require in order to make an informed decision? a. For choice A, with Ex works, how much......

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Series Resistance Starters

...Series Resistance Starters Construction and Operation In this method, resistors are temporarily placed in series with the motor windings during startup. A voltage drop is created across the series resistors during startup, resulting in a lower starting voltage applied to the motor’s terminals. Once the motor has accelerated to normal operational speeds, the resistors may be “removed” and the motor allowed to operate under normal conditions. At startup, the start contacts are closed, forcing the starting currents to flow through the series resistors. Once the motor has been allowed sufficient time to accelerate, the run contacts are closed, thus bypassing the resistors. A timer may be utilized within the control circuit to allow the motor to transition from “start” to “run” operation automatically. Applications 1. Usually on low voltage (less than 600 v). 2. Where current reduction requirements are low, or where load torque during acceleration is minimal. 3. Not often used with large motors because of the high heat loss in the resistors. 4. May be used for full acceleration or for system voltage recovery. Advantages 1. reduced heat loss 2. greater ease of start 3. (If correctly designed and constructed), this method will cause the motor to accelerate the load to almost full speed with the resistors in circuit before they are bridged out. Disadvantages 1. The resistors must be cooled in between starts because of the heat build up in the resistors during......

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Got U Kicks

...Nike Air Got U KiCks Joshua Gayle Strayer University Instructor Melody Kelley Marketing Management March 13, 2011 Identify the marketing segment for the product and explain why this segment was selected;  The product is a called (Nike Air Got U KiCks) and is a branch off from the Nike Air Jordan Brand line. The segment was selected because the product fits the need in the market. The product is targeted to specific identifiable groups of individuals, families, firms, or organizations, sharing one or more characteristics or needs in an otherwise homogenous market. Market segments generally respond in a predictable manner to a marketing or promotion offer. Nike is a major sportswear and equipment supplier based in the United States, and is the world's leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Nike markets its products under its own brand as well as Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike+, Air Jordan, Nike Skateboarding and subsidiaries including Cole Haan, Hurley International, Umbro and Converse. In addition to manufacturing sportswear and equipment, the company operates retail stores under the Niketown name. Nike sponsors many high profile athletes and sports teams around the world, with the highly recognized trademarks of "Just do it" and the Swoosh logo. Nike Air Got U KiCks has been chosen to be launched because of its design and its marketability. The product design is based on convenience, because of the concept. The concept is model around several......

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Medium Voltage Motor Starters

...Medium Voltage Motor Starter Name: Course Title: Professor’s Name: Abstract This paper purposes to examine general considerations in the design of 4160V motor starters into the switchgear. Particular focus is on the safety, maintenance, protection coordination, and operation impacts of including the 4160VMedium Voltage Motor Starter, into switchgears of important systems. In light of the above, this paper will present an analysis of some of the best practices and techniques used to design Medium Voltage (MV) motors. This encompasses the critical considerations made for medium voltage switchgear commonly found in generation power plants and safe class facilities such as nuclear plant. The primary focus is on power system facilities that are intolerable to any form of power interruptions. Such facilities in areas of utility, industrial, commercial, and residential applications require power systems that have the capacity to provide safe and reliable energy for the utilization of equipment. Since the other earlier designs specifications of MV motor starter already exist, this paper essentially emphasizes the advantages in designing 4160V MV motors starters into MV switchgears with protective relays, switch and circuit breaker control circuits, and solid-state power. Discussions made include the advantages of integrating MV starters in the 4160V switchgear, with regard to fault clearance, maintenance, down time, and operations. The paper summary includes......

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Starters vs Relievers

...There are many differences and similarities between relief pitchers and starting pitchers. There are many different types of relief pitchers that each team has in its bullpen. While starting pitcher each team usually has about 5 starters that rotate through each game, which leaves the rest of the game up to the relief pitchers once the starter can no longer go. People do not normally realize that saying a person is a pitcher is quite a general statement. For example starting pitchers is defined as the pitcher who delivers the first pitch of the game to the first batter. Even if that pitcher gets hurt on that pitch he is still the starter. Normally starting pitchers are supposed to go the majority of the game depending on how many innings the game is going to last. If the game is seven innings long a good starter will go about five or six for a solid start. In a nine inning game the starter should go about six or seven. If the pitchers consistently cannot reach his need for innings they will most likely be put in the bullpen. Usually the determining factor in which decides how long a pitcher will go is the pitch count. The pitch count is exactly what it sounds like the amount of pitchers a pitcher has thrown to batters. In the season a starter is expected to be able to throw around one hundred pitches a game and be able to recover for their next start. A starting pitcher must throw a minimum of five innings to qualify for a win in the statistics book. The quality......

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