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Hospital Administration and Its Role in Healthcare

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Hospital Administration and its Role in Healthcare
Professional Development MBA-525-MBOL6
Saint Leo University
Lisa Massey
Dr. Bruce Hammond
March 9, 2013

This paper will discuss why healthcare administration is my career field of choice and why it is interesting and appealing to me on many different levels. I will explain why I feel compelled to work in the healthcare field and how the administration portion of healthcare affords me the opportunity to have a broader influence on the overall picture. There are so many things that can be accomplished from an administrative perspective that greatly impact the patient care experience starting from bedside care all the way to organizational policy and procedure development. For me, this is a very rewarding career both professionally and spiritually.

Hospital Administration and its Role in Healthcare

When I first started out in healthcare almost 20 years ago, I always knew I wanted to do something on a much grander scale than just bedside nursing. Dr. Pace (2006, p. 3) discussed early in his books, the importance of choosing a career that is both interesting and challenging and also has the ability to provide you with financial security. The healthcare field has always offered job security because the demand for people with medical training will always be high because as long as people are living and getting sick, they will need healthcare providers. The healthcare field itself is continually growing to meet the needs of the population it serves and with that growth comes opportunities. I started out as a nurse in the Emergency Department almost 20 years ago and I have worked in a variety of different roles and responsibilities over the years. As my experience and knowledge has grown over the years, so have the opportunities for advancement. I have always enjoyed taking care of people, but I…...

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