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Hotel Paris Case Questions

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1. Strategic Management/Strategic HRM. Draw a more simplified, abbreviated Strategy Map for the Hotel Paris. Utilize the hierarchy of links that includes the following areas:

(a) Hotel’s HR policies and practices;
(b) Necessary employee competencies, behaviors, and skills; and
(c) Three (3) required strategic goals or outcomes.

See Figure 3-6 in your text for guidance.

2. HR Metrics. Based on Figure 3-9 and Table 3-1, identify the four (4) most appropriate metrics the Hotel Paris should use to measure its HR practices. Be sure to provide support for your selected metrics.

3. Recruitment Sources. Based on the hotel’s required employee competencies behaviors, and skills, stipulate the three (3) most effective recruiting sources (internal and/or outside sources) the Hotel Paris should utilize. Be sure to provide support for your selection of recruiting sources.

4. Measurement of Recruiting Effectiveness. What approach would you suggest the hotel use to measure the effectiveness of its recruiting efforts? Support is expected. 5. Employee Tests: Personality. The Hotel Paris has employees in several job categories: front-desk clerk, valet, door greeter, security guard, service positions (housekeeping and food service), and assistant manager. Select two (2) of the above jobs and provide examples of two (2) personality test items you would suggest the hotel use to select employees for these jobs. Provide specific support for your suggestions.

6. Employee Testing. Based on your analysis of the Hotel Paris’ situation in prior questions, recommend two (2) other types of tests you would recommend Lisa use in the selection process. Provide support for your recommendations.

7. Interviewing. Based on the jobs of front-desk clerk and assistant manager, develop two (2) questions in each of the following areas: situational,…...

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