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How Are Ipad Useful for Students?

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How are iPad useful for students?

How are iPad useful for students?
The first document I will use to get background information for my research paper is entitled “iPads on Practicum: Perspective of a Student-Teacher.” This source is relevant since it examines how modern technologies such as iPad can be used as educational tools in classrooms (Elbert, et al., 2013). It present important background information from research projects on how students and teachers can use iPads during lessons. The document has covered similar information that am using and it has used simple grammar. It is also update, having been published in 2013.
The second document I intend to use is entitled “The iPad in education: uses, benefits, and challenges.” The document is relevant since it has demonstrated that introduction of iPads in schools will have positive impact on education. A survey has been done on how modern technologies have been adopted in schools over the years (Karsenti & Fievez, 2013). It has actually surveyed 302 teachers and 6,057 students and it was published in simple and understandable English. It presents materials that are relevant to my research and was published in 2013.

Elbert, J., Code, J., & Irvine, V. (2013). iPads on Practicum: Perspective of a Student-Teacher. The Arbutus Review. 4(1) 1-18
Karsenti, T., & Fievez, A. (2013). The iPad in education: uses, benefits, and challenges – A survey of 6,057 students and 302 teachers in Quebec, Canada. Montreal, QC:…...

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