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1. Given that so many mergers and acquisitions fail, why do you think that executives keep making these horizontal integration moves?

Although many mergers and acquisitions fail, I feel that executives keep making a horizontal integration decision because it makes the most sense to integrate business activities. If firms are involved with the same stage of production, and share the same resources it could seem more efficient, less costly, and convenient for separate companies to merge.

2. Please identify a struggling company that interests you and share why you are interested in this particular company. Then please identify how this company could benefit from a) market penetration, b) market development, and c) product development.

I would like to discuss Sears in this section. Sears interests me because they once were a leader in department stores with one of the highest profits in Canada. Unfortunately Sears has been suffering due low profits and sales.

a) Sears could profit from market penetration by introduction promoting new or existing products through strategies such as bundling, advertising, lowering prices and volume discounts. Sears does not do much or any advertising so, consumers do not shop at Sears simply because they do not know there are sales, or hear any promotion on products. Competitors such as The Bay, and Macys do great advertising on their sales and promotions. b) Sears has wide ranges of products but they could benefit more from market development. Although they have a wide selection of products they should do what The Bay did and introduce new brands that buyers would be interested in. c) Product development is a great way for Sears to offer new products that will benefit customers. By modifying of a product it could satisfy what customers want and create a niche market.

3. Identify a well-known company…...

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