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How Does Green Tea Help

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• GREEN TEA is an Anti Carcinogen. It contains 'catechin', which can suppress human cell mutating substances, thus helping in the prevention of cancer.
(Ref.. Japan National Genetics Research Center, Hamamatsu Public Health Center, Shizuoka Pharmaceutical College and Shizuoka Women’s College research findings) • GREEN TEA contains `Tannin` which has a very high success rate in interfering with the production of lipid peroxide in human bodies, thus helping slowing down the ageing process. In comparision, Vitamin E has much lower success rate in doing so.
(Ref.. Okayama University Department of Pharmacology) • GREEN TEA has Enzymes that combat the causes of high blood pressure. It is also helpful in combatting cerebral apoplexy, heart disease and other geriatic diseases.
(Ref.. Tohoku University Dr. Meguro Nihon Medical College Dr. Fukui Nagoya City University Dr. Aoki) • GREEN TEA provides ZINC, one of the necessary elements for meeting the nutritive demands of pregnancy.
(Ref.. Kagoshima University Department of Medicine) • GREEN TEA contains vitamin C an essential nutrient for human body. • GREEN TEA contains Fluoride which is especially helpful in fighting tooth decay. Even just rinsing the mouth out with Green Tea, after meals, is highly effective in preventing tooth decay.
(Ref.. Tokyo University of Medicine and Dentistry) Green Tea Benefits
The benefits of green tea range from its potential role in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's Disease, certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, improving oral health to its thermogenic properties that make it an effective weight loss ingredient. Green tea is also known to help the body regulate healthy glucose levels. Green tea extracts are popularly used in topical applications to protect the skin from UVA and UVB. Studies also show that green tea is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and thus may help strengthen the immune system.2

All types of teas originate from one plant called camellia sinensis. The difference in each—black, white, oolong or green tea—is due to their processing. Because green tea is steamed rather than fermented it has high antioxidant potency and is of particular interest to health-conscious consumers. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the major antioxidant component of green tea associated with imparting green tea's distinct health benefits. Other polyphenols include epicatechin gallate, and epicatechin. About 30 to 40 percent of water-extractable polyphenols are found in green tea, while black tea contains only 3 to 10 percent.3…...

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