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How Frog Creek Software Pays Developers

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Kevin Phillips
Human Resource Management
Book Case #2

Hershey’s Sweet Mission

1. Two of the trends that Hershey uses to their advantage are knowledge working and teamwork. Hershey uses teamwork to pair up baby boomer, experienced employees with the new “millennial” employees. Baby boomers are knowledge workers that know a lot about how the company runs because they have been there for so long. They are typically focused on leaving a legacy and making the world a better place for their younger generation. Therefor when they are paired with younger colleagues, they are much more enthusiastic about mentoring them. 2. Hershey can encourage their younger and older researchers to work together by showing them that by combining the wisdom and years of experience the elders have, mixed with the new school, innovative, and creative approach to development of the younger workers, they can come with some great ideas. The role of human resource staff in supporting or implementing the company’s ideas is by developing and hiring the best people for the job. They must find young and old people who are willing and able to work together. They then must develop trainings that will aid them in their teamwork skills. They must build a committed, productive workforce. 3. Hershey’s description fits quite well with the new “psychological contract” discussed in chapter 2. Just as in the psychological contract, Hershey demand excellent customer service, and expect employees to take more responsibility for their own careers (“…winning together while accepting individual responsibility for our results”). Hershey wants teamwork but also wants to reward the individuals for taking initiative. Hershey has also redesigned their performance management system. They want their employees to set goals, track their progress. They also have a program that donates money to…...

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