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How I Met My Husband

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Analyzing of How I Met My Husband
ENG 125
May 24, 2014

The features of a short story give structure to the storyline providing a fictional narrative of real life situations. How features are utilized in storytelling can contribute to how the reader is affected by the story and the overall understanding behind the story. Point of view and symbols are features that contribute significantly to the overall theme in How I Met My Husband by Alice Munro. An event in Edie’s life as a young teenage girls helps to shape her understanding of finding love in an unexpected manner. Edie first begins to experience life away from her family structure and norms when she is sent to live with and work for the Peebles. This is her first experience with things she is unfamiliar with, but yet curious enough to explore when she explains “the only thing I did not like about working there, in fact was feeling half hungry a lot of the time (Clugston, 2010 para 25). Edie solved this problem by hiding food under her bed. The story is told in first person point of view which contributes to Edie telling the intimate details of how her experience led to how she met her husband. While the story does not give you much insight into how the other characters in the story felt about Edie’s experience, it does invite you into how Edie was affected by her interactions with the characters as she matures throughout the story.
The story opens up with a description of the first symbol, a shiny plane arriving on a field in a country town, which is an odd for a plane in this type of setting. The plane is representation of what is not expected and the coming and going of the plane in the story represents how it can feel to be unsure of your feelings or how to connect with your feelings, which is what Edie experienced in her interactions with Chris. Another symbol in the story is the mailbox.…...

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