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How to Get Started with Fountain Pens

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Fountain Pen Noobs, you might find it beneficial to read this post before posting the eternal question

“Which pen should be my first?” The only true answer is “All of them. Every pen ever made should

be your first.” This is a question asked by many, but only answerable by the asker. However, to a

newcomer such as yourself, you find that you lack certain, shall we say, knowledge. That’s what this

thread is for. You won’t find an overwhelming bundle of information, but hopefully what I have to say

will set you on the road to spending all your money on Fountain Pen gear.

The first thing you need to answer, before you even ask the question is “How much do I want to spend?”

There are so many fun reasons to start writing with a pen, and most of them lead to future purchases.

Set a limit (or starting point) for yourself and try (this is really hard on B&B) to stick with it (at first).

Inexpensive pens are more readily available than you might think. And some people, me included, agree

that starting with one of these options is a great way to see if you’d even enjoy writing with a fountain

pen without risking too much from the wallet. Some of the most popular and most highly recommend

choices in this category are:

Pilot 78G – Get started with cartridges, but a converter is also available, and nibs are interchangeable

with the Pilot Plumix. It can also be converted to be eyedropper filled (greater ink capacity) quite easily,

with no tools required.

Platinum Preppy – Dirt cheap pen, but with engineering beyond it price. The nibs are high quality

manufactured, the same nibs are found on much more expensive pens. Some people don’t like the

look because of the logo, but if you order a 4.5 oz bottle of some Noodler’s inks, you’ll get a free Preppy

that’s been converted to eyedropper filled and the logo removed. The nibs are interchangeable.

Pilot Metropolitan – A quite attractive pen, the Metro will suite you well in the workplace. It’s quality

belies its price. A cartridge converter is also available. This is a $15 pen that should cost much more (but

don’t tell anyone).

You may be asking yourself, is that all there is to it?

Of course NOT! Do you think we at B&B would stoop so low as that?!

There’s Ink, Paper, Wax Seals, and a whole host of other goodies to try! The pens mentioned above

each come with a cartridge or 2 to get you started, but you’ll probably soon find that you would like to

experiment with different ink colors and properties. Some popular and easily procurable brands are

Noodler’s, Diamine, and Private Reserve, but that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you’re just looking for a nicer pen for work?

Again, you need to ask yourself what your price range is.

Lamy Pens offer a whole line of pens that range from $20 on up to $200+. They offer a pen for every

need – From daily work, to business formal.

Similarly, Pilot/Namiki has a range of very nice, highly engineered pens. The Japanese have an

incredible writing/pen history, and their tradition continues today.

Some other brands that are pretty common and will address many needs are Platinum, Edison, Pelikan,

and Monteverde. I’ve left out plenty of names, just ask on the Nib, and someone will surely be able to

answer most of your questions.

Some popular vendors include (but of course, are not limited to):




If you have questions, feel free to start a thread and ask away. But be warned, no matter what question

you ask, you’ll be tempted by the inhabitants of this ink filled room to spend way too much (time,

money, etc). It’s all in good fun. Just remember that it’s all mostly James’ fault, and Brian…...

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