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How to Maintain a Computer

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Report for Max Hotel
Computer Specification for Server PC and Client PC
Choice 1
For Server PC Components | Description | Price | Monitor | 18” LED Color Monitor(Lenovo) | 84,000 Ks | Motherboard | MSI R7750 1GD5/OC | 110,000 Ks | Power Supply Unit | TP-1200 MP(1200W) | 200,000 Ks | RAM(PC Memory) | 4GB(DDR3/1333MHz)ADATA | 27,000 Ks | CPU | Intel Core i5 3.2GHz 3470(IVY) | 178,000 Ks | Internal Hard Disk | 1500 GB(WD) SATA | 87,000 Ks | Graphic Card | MSI NVidia GeForce GTX 760TF | 295,000 Ks | UPS | Power Tree 1250 UPS | 64,000 Ks | | Total = | 1,045,000 Ks |

For Client PC Components | Description | Price | Monitor | 18” LED Color Monitor(Lenovo) | 84,000 Ks | Motherboard | MSI H61M-P31/W8(G3) | 56,000 Ks | Power Supply Unit | Power Supply 775(550W) | 100,000 Ks | RAM(PC Memory) | 2GB (DDR3/1333MHz) ADATA | 15,000 Ks | CPU | Intel Dual Core 2.9 G-2020 | 58,000 Ks | Internal Hard Disk | 500 GB (Seagate) SATA | 53,000 Ks | Graphic Card | MSI R7750 1GD5/OC | 109,000 Ks | UPS | Prolink 650VA UPS 700 SFC | 36,000 Ks | | Total = | 521,000 Ks |

For Choice 1
Motherboard is the most important part of the computer, I recommend MSI R7750 1GD5/OC for server PC because it is one of the latest version and high performance motherboard is necessary for server PC. For client PC, I recommend MSI H61M-P31/W8 (G3) because we don’t need very high performance motherboard. This is the most suitable for client PC. The function of the computer motherboard is to act as the main circuit board that connects and communicates to all the devices and components attached.
CPU is the second important part of the computer. Intel Core i5 3.2GHz 3470(IVY) is recommended for CPU in server PC. Server PC with such CPU can give a good service for client PC. In Client PC, we don’t need expensive high performance CPU. So, Intel Dual…...

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