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1. HR manager face two important challenges: shifting their focus form current operations to strategies for the future and preparing non-HR mangers to develop and implement human resource practice.
Non-HR managers and HR managers are related, such as financial manager will calculate how much compensation will be HR manager used. What non-HR manager will do will directly influence the HR manager’s decision. That’s why non-HR manager is becoming more and more important.

4. Evidence-based HR refers to the demonstration that human resources practices have a positive influence on the company’s bottom or key stakeholders (employees, customers, community, shareholders).
Evidence-based HR requires the use of HR or workforce analytics. HR or workforce analytics refers to the practice of using quantitative methods and scientific methods to analyze data from human resource databases, corporate financial statements, employee surveys, and other data sources to make evidence-based human resource decisions and show that HR practices influence the organization’s “bottom line” including profits and costs.

8. I think compensating human resources contributes most to helping a company gain a competitive advantage. Because pay and benefits are the most important incentives that companies can offer employees in exchange for contributing to productivity, quality, and customer service. Also, pay and benefits are used to reward employees’ membership in the company and attract new employees. The positive influence of new work designs, new technology, and the quality movement on productivity can be damaged if employees are not satisfied with the level of pay and benefits or believe pay and benefits are unfairly distributed.
I think compare these four resources managing the human resource environment is contributes least to helping a company gain a competitive…...

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