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Hr Strategies Case Analysis Report Global Mining

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Global Mining
Human Resource Strategies

Assessment 1:
Case Analysis Report

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Key Human Resource issues at Global Mining 4 Trade Union intervention on human resource operations 4 Poor Performance Management 6 Strategies for Improvement 8 Introduce performance appraisal system 8 Problems forecasted for short & long term: 9 Pay for Performance 9 Problems forecasted for short & long term: 10 Develop a Human Resource Strategy 11 Problems forecasted for short & long term: 12 Conclusion 12 References 14


Global Mining (GM) is at a crossroads. They are aware that their Australian mine sites are unproductive and holding the company back in terms of profitability. High costs and low output are diluting the company’s overall financial performance and making them a target for takeover. A decision has been made to focus on improving the productivity of these sites rather than sell them off with the directors committing to providing HR strategy linked in with the organisational goals.

It is clear from the information provided in the case study that the Australian issues relate to their human resources. The Production Director has identified that the physical resources are not the issue and with improvements, they could be a highly competitive site. The main issues relating to labour include; high labour costs with low flexibility, excessive penalty rates, absenteeism, unmotivated staff with no financial or promotional incentives to work harder, high trade union intervention, a poor safety record and a lack of leadership within internal management.

The trade union representing GM is highly involved, if not in total control, of the human resource operations. They have a loyal following from the workforce and are determining recruitment,…...

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