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Hrm and Ethics

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Ethics are values that governed individual’s behaviour on the conduct of dealing with what is good or bad and right or wrong. The same values that determine an individual’s conduct also apply to business. In today’s world, ethics is a fundamental aspect when it comes to managing a business. Business ethics are moral principles that provide a guideline to organizations regarding how a business should run. A business that is ethical will also recognise the responsibility for minimising the non-financial costs.

Human Resource Managers (HRM) plays an important role when it comes to guiding the organization in an ethical way as they are in charge of ethical issues that arise from the employer to employee relationship. The Human Resources (HR) function deals with a wide range of responsibilities and also it includes many ethical issues which may damage a company’s reputation and financial statistics if not handled properly (Ingram n.d.). They are obliged to run their duties ethically when employing people, conducting performance appraisals and ensuring health and safety in the workplace. Most importantly, they play a role in creating a culture of mutual respect and dignity. HR managers can guide employees understand the ethical issues using behavioural role modelling, personal reflection and moral dilemma discussions (Wells & Schminke 2001).

The primary responsibility of a HR manager is the recruitment and selection of employees. They have to meet workforce demand and supply. In the recruitment process, the HR manager is required to follow a step by step procedure by evaluating the right number of vacancies needed, type of individual to undertake the job vacancies and conducting interviews. In the selection process HR managers are required to choose the appropriate person for the right job with the right requirements and also in line the with organization’s…...

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