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Hrmn 410 Senior Management Recruitment

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HRMN 410 Senior Management Recruitment

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Senior Management Recruitment
Recruitment involves the systematic selection and appointment of employment seeker within a different organization. The recruitment process gets usually conducted by the human resource department of an organization. The process needs to be taken seriously as any fault in the recruitment process can lead to huge losses for the said company. Through recruitment, a firm can learn about the personal and professional life of an individual and can thus determine whether he or she is suitable for a particular job position.
I being the human resources manager at human solutions strategies (HSS) have been tasked with finding the best recruitment process to get followed in the future for senior level management officials.
CC: All employees
FROM: Patrick L Kluivert -HR manager.
DATE: 20/2/2016
SUBJECT: Senior level management recruitment process
I would like to thank you for giving me this chance to come up with a better recruitment process for the senior level management. I will be in charge of coming up with the best selection method with the help of two of our employees who are trained in human resource skill. Throughout the process I will outline all the new recruitment methods that have arisen in the near past and outline all the advantages that come up with each. The process will also involve research acquired from our competitors on the recruitment processes that they carry out and determine the best way to compete with them in terms of senior management skills and conclusion by the end of the process the company will have an array of recruitment process through which hiring in the future can get made…...

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