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I’m Damian, a simple guy with brown eyes, brown hair, white skin and tall but just a little strange. I didn’t ask for too much I just needed someone to care but no one did, I started doing sport to keep my mind out of it but nothing work, then I started doing music and writing songs but she keep getting into my head. I still remember how we started, we started just like best friends, her name was Emma she was beautiful, she had brown and really long hair, brown eyes with glasses and a clean white smile. Every friend that I had started saying that is better to never get involved with her because she wasn’t “OKAY” but I don’t listen and fall in love with first everything was nice and romantic but after 3 months I started seeing what everybody told edema started acting weird, I ask her but she said that nothing was wrong but I don’t know what to think so when Emma was taking a shower I started searching for weird stuff around the apartment, to my surprise I found 3 blades covered In blood, a picture of a women with a big “X” on the middle and behind everything else was a colt Wiley first I have to admit I was scared but then I was fascinated with everything I found, when Emma got out of the shower I confronted her and she told me what was happening she told me that she was cutting herself and then told me who the women in the picture was, she told me that the women of the picture was her mother but suddenly she got angry and sad started by saying that her mother raped his little brother and the same week kill her little sister just because she was on drug and told me that she swear to make her mother suffer, torture her and then maybe just maybe kill her. She keep telling me her plan and suddenly stop talking and ask me if I was going to tell the police about her plan, I started smiling and she told me that my smile was creepy I just said that I wasn’t all honest. I was fascinated by how the people reacted to pain, suffer and mind was on black the only thing that came out of my mouth was that I wanted to help her with everything, she started smiling and went to sleep, but I started thinking how the insides of a human body look like, I’ve seen the insides of an animal before is something that makes me feel good, taking the knife and putting it slowly on the chest of the animal an pull it down slowly seeing the liver, the stomach and the lungs fall out,je je je… I had to admit it felt amazing. Next day we wake up and Emma explains the plan she told me that my jobs is just to get everything we need and her job is to take care of the victim, before she went out she told me that this is the only chance to make this happen we can’t mess this as she goes and takes care of the victim I went and buy the stuff we need I buy one big box,2 or 3 scorpions,3 tarantulas,4 army knife,1 colt just like the one in the TV show supernatural and gasoline. I wanted to surprise Emma so I buy an old farm far from any city or any house and send her the directions, suddenly I got a call from Emma telling me that ‘she is on the way and asking if everything is ready’ I said yes and hung up I knew before Emma gets to the farm I went in and found an old record player an on the left side we’re some old vinyl records so I put one on and “Queen “started playing then I started reading “Red Dragon” when I was reading a lot of ideas came to my head but none of the we’re good enough, suddenly I see an SUV coming to the farm a beautiful women was getting out of the SUV it was Emma dragging a women by the hair but the women looks unconscious. I help Emma getting the body inside and then I tied the women to the table suddenly the women wake up and started screaming, then Emma ask me to let her alone with her mother so I went outside and started hearing screams so I begin to read and go back inside when I didn’t heard scream no more.ema smiled and said “let’s begin with the fun” she started by cutting of her fingers one by one you can only hear the screams of pain, I couldn’t help it and started laughing then I took two knife and started to sharp them more in front of her and ask her in which part she didn’t feel more pain, the victim started smiling and told me that nothing I’m going to do is going to hurt her, I got real mad Emma look at my eyes and said that she never seen me like that she said I look creepy, I just started smiling like a Psychopath and took the smallest knife and stab her in the chest and really slow pull it down opening her by the stomach you could see her liver, her lungs I just started smiling more like a psychopath and laughing hard. Emma came and give me a hug from the back and kiss me on the neck she got close to my ear and said that she haven’t love anyone more than me In her live. Then Emma took another knife and started cutting her mother head, before Emma could open in two the head we stop at the same time and stare at each other maybe thinking the same thing, I started smiling and said that I had another surprise and pull a rope that was on the wall a sheet came down of the ceiling revealing a mirror on top of the table. Emma started laughing and said “it looks beautiful but there’s something missing”. Real quick I go and get the 3 tarantulas and the 3 scorpions I put them in the stomach of Emma mother and we started betting on which one was going to win, you could only hear the screams of mother, the music and our laugh. I bet on the tarantulas but I lost so Emma have the honor to open the head in two, her mother was screaming her lungs out(literally).Emma knew that the body won’t another cut so she took the colt and got close to her mother and said “I won’t forgive everything you did to my brothers even if it meant saving my life ”Emma put the colt on the left eye and shot then Emma shot the right one and last put the colt on the middle of the head and shots. We are covered in blood, so we started cleaning I took the body and put it inside the box put it outside and got the gasoline begin to poor gasoline all over the box and put it on fire, then Emma told me she wanted to be alone so I kiss her and go outside an started playing guitar 2 hours passed and she haven’t come out but when I came in Emma wasn’t there I started searching for her but I didn’t find here the SUV wasn’t there either….2 years has pass since I last saw Emma,2 years since she disappeared every now and then I go to the farm and play the song I dedicated to her “Here and now” by Luther Vandross hoping she comes back. Some people move on but I just can’t, I still kill people for money or just for fun, like I said at the beginning “always been a fan with pain, suffering”. Now I just stay home and write song for here, she still keeps getting into my head but I still think maybe she would come back and sit right beside meshed always said that she don’t know why I was with here, ja ja ja ja…I wish you were by my side so I could tell you why I started playing “like I’m going to lose you” by Meghan trainor and john legend. I just stop playing because I felt some one behind me when I turn around it was her the beautiful women I loved crying so I started saying what she wanted to know all this time “I’m with you because your special, just because of your bipolarity and your selfishness, etc… and all of that its what make you only special to me all that make Emma just Emma”.…...

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