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Hsm 220 Week 1 Check Point

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10 Characteristics for Effective Management
April Flory
April 25, 2014
Susan Anderson

10 Characteristics for Effective Management
Having a good understanding of the organization’s vision is important because you will want to move the company into that direction. In addition, a person will want to know what the vision is because it may go against their beliefs.
Having good communication skills is important to be able to effectively communicate the vision statement to others, such as employees or community. In addition, as a manager a person will have to effectively communicate what needs to be done in order to follow the vision. Having good communication skills is knowledge-centered.
Any situation needs someone that can look at it from all sides to find the best solution for all involved. Becoming a critical thinker is a learned trait, knowledge-centered.
A well-organized manager can get more work done and in the long run that can save money for the organization. Saving money for the organization means more money that can be spent on needed items, or even opening up a new department. Organization skills can come naturally, but it is not a value, so knowledge-centered.
Analyzing data will allow them to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. Analyzing data is a skill that needs to be learned, knowledge-centered.
If a manager is going to get employees to do the work they are assigned to do they will need to know how to deal the right way with people. Not be too demanding, but not be too easy going either. People skills come from a person’s values.
A manager needs to have a good understanding of who they are and their beliefs. Does the mission statement agree with or is there a conflict. In addition, a manager must know his or her limitations, and strengths. Self-understanding is value-centered.
A manager needs to be honest and have high integrity. A manager that is honest and has integrity will set a good example for employees. These are value-centered traits.
When a manager is persistent they will yield the results that follow the vision. The ability to motivate people in a positive way will produce a better working environment. These are both learned traits.

Kettner, P. (2002). Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.…...

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