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An example of morality and decision-making

07:26 PM 10/3/2011

An example of decision making is making money and what to do with it. Money is the driving force

of American society; we thrive on capitalism (an ideology that the free market and entrepreneurship

will set us free). Money is what we use to pay for electricity to power our houses and apartments. We

pay for the use of water, sewage disposal, garbage disposal, clothing, and of course food. Without money

life would be bleak. But the real question becomes what to do when you have money? How much money

is enough? Both are very good questions. I believe during this particular time in our history, that money is

doing more harm than good; I spend my money faster than I can make it, just like many Americans do. The

morality part of this topic is that money is not the answer to the privileged people’s problems (though we

think it is). However, money in the right hands can literally save lives. All that I have to do is give money to

charity. Do I sacrifice that new television to give a little to the extremely poor? Or do I buy the latest one

(even though I already own three good working televisions)? The answer is simple, spend less, save more,

and give as much as I can to the less fortunate.

My definition of happiness

07:43 PM 10/3/2011

Happiness means a lot of different things to a lot of people in my time. Many people consider happiness

to be big houses and big cars, and being able to afford expensive wardrobes from many fashion designers.

This is not what I consider happiness to be. To get to know me just a little, I will fill in a bit of background

information (the abridge version). My early childhood was terrible, being raised by poor, abusive white

trash family, bouncing around the country, missing a lot of school. Then my stepfather died, and I was

adopted. My foster parents were very good parents and taught me quite well (catching up on much of

what I had lost). We had a nineteen acre farm where I learned what real work was and how to appreciate

the finer things in life. Well, then I came to the big city and joined the corporate American ranks. I moved

up pretty fast and gained respect because of my strong work ethic. This environment began to mold my

definition of happiness. Happiness to me is acceptance. Happiness to me is earning a good day’s wages and being acknowledged for my hard work. I have always said, “Somebody has got to do the work.” This

has turned me into a little workaholic, but when the day is done, a really happy person.

Important artifacts of my time - A significant literary work

08:32 PM 10/3/2011

The literary work I have chosen as an important artifact is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a

story about a child having two fathers, one poor and one rich. Both fathers taught

their son how to become successful, but both had completely different paths. The

poor father basically was working all the time for money, trying to get ahead in life.

In contrast, the rich father made the money work for him, and took advantage of all

the systems in America. These ideologies are what each father passes on to their

son. What I really like about this book is that it advocates not only responsibility for

your own actions, but also gives you concrete comparisons of what it really means to be successful; how to

use and not use money. This book being published is a sign of the times, where money is such an

important aspect of our society, but not everybody knows how to be financially accountable. .

Important artifacts of my time - A significant example of architecture

06:32 PM 10/4/2011

My example of important architecture is a moving building in Dubai. Yes, I did say moving building, which

at this time in history is a very new idea. The new architecture falls under the concept of dynamic

movement. The building consists of multiple rooms that are connected to a core.

Each attached room can move independently as well as in unison to make

interesting shapes and designs; and this is not even the best part. The building

creates all its own power through turbines between each floor. What a novel

concept! The moving building generates enough power to power itself along with

some surrounding buildings. I hope in the future that all buildings will be engineered with this design in

mind. Because this design is new and innovative, I had to choose this as an example of important


Important artifacts of my time - A significant song .

07:46 PM 10/4/2011 . The song I have chosen is Mosh, by Eminem. Eminem is a popular rap/hip-hop artist.

Mosh is not an Eminem typical song, as this song is politically charged. Throughout the song, bad things are happening to the average citizens - people are being reassigned to

go back into war zones, people are being evicted from their homes, and there are tax hikes. What the song

is really about is people coming together to question authority. It is about not sitting around and letting

the system abuse you. I connected with song and its meaning because I believe many Americans do not

question leaders. We basically do as we are told. So this is why I have selected this song as my significant

song. I have also added the lyrics for your own review. .

Important artifacts of my time - A significant film

08:34 PM 10/4/2011

A significant film that I would consider important in the world of film is “The Matrix.” The Matrix was a

science fiction movie that came out in the late 1990’s that portrayed a world

already taken over by computers, and most humans did not even realize this

horrifying fact. The movie plot goes along the lines that a human savior

(Neo) exists in the Matrix, and only he can save humanity from the machines that

have enslaved them. In the end, humans prevail. What made this movie really

good was not just the plot (though it was great), it was the special effects. There were never-before-seen

special effects, known as bullet time, created just for the movie. Bullet time allowed the viewer to instantly

see a specific scene at a range of different angles, unlike most movies where you see any given scene from

a single perspective. That is why I had to choose this movie as an important artifact from my time. .

Important artifacts of my time - A significant item from pop-culture

09:15 PM 10/4/2011

The Item I have chosen from pop-culture is the backpack. It was not so long ago that when you thought of a backpack, you only thought of school, or a student. However, in these modern

times, backpacks are everywhere; they have many uses. Of course they are still

used by students in schools, but now you also see them being worn by athletes,

parents, travelers and they are also popping up in the work place, replacing

briefcases and side carrying cases. Backpacks not only carry books, but can also neatly carry business and

professional items. I personally use a backpack for work, and I would be lost without it. It contains all my work files, pens, paper, my work laptop, as well as basic hygiene products. It really is a universal carrying

bag that men, women, boys and girls can all use. This is why I have chosen it as my pop-culture artifact.…...

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