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The reason that I choose this particular topic is because of several reasons. One: it reminds me of my childhood and two: it kind of helps me see- not so much understand- why I present some of the same behaviors in my adulthood life. I remember my mother and her boyfriend’s fighting in the home all the time- weather it be mental abuse, physical abuse or just verbal abuse. When this occurred I remember crying and saying to myself that this behavior would be on that I would never expose my children or anyone else’s children to. In reality I guess the saying “you’re a product of your environment” has some truth behind it. Another reason that I chose this topic “Cycle of violence” is because I can also recall my grandmother always saying- when things happened- that our family needed to break the cycle. I never knew what she was referring to until I reached adulthood and seen myself doing things that were a cycle in our family history.

If I had to write a research paper on this chosen topic, I would use this article because I see it as being a relevant and also very credible source. I would also find more background information on this topic by searching other sources just to prove the point I am trying to make. I would then try to locate surveys that help in proving this “cycle of violence” philosophy as well. On top of all the research I find on this topic I could also use first hand experiences- like myself- and my life as the main source because like I stated earlier, I see this cycle of violence being repeated by myself.

In conclusions, when a person is raised or brought up around certain behaviors, as they get older they begin to believe that those behaviors are normal or right and that’s why- even knowing that they aren’t- they still demonstrate them because they feel they are justified by the behaviors their parents displayed. As I am sitting here writing this paper, another cycle of violence keeps jumping out at me. My baby brother committed suicide in April of this year and everyone thought “how selfish could he have been”. But when I set back and really think about it, he probably saw it as a justified act because my mother did the same thing. That goes to show how powerful the “cycle of violence” really is and how it can truly affect anyone’s social development.…...

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