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Human Resource Activities and Its Impact on Pharmaceutical Companies: a Study of Opsonin Pharma Ltd.

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23/05/2012 BRAC University



Letter of Transmittal
May 23, 2012 Kohinur Akter Senior Lecturer BRAC Business School BRAC University

Subject: Submission of Internship Report

Dear Ms. Kohinur Akter,
With due respect and immense pleasure I am submitting my internship report on “HR Practices in Renata Limited” that you have assigned me as an essential requirement of Internship program. It is really an enormous prospect for me to gather together vast information and grasp the subject matter in an appropriate way. I have found the study is quite attention-grabbing, beneficial & insightful. I tried my level best to prepare an effective & creditable report. The report will provide clear concept about the overall functions of “HR Practices in Renata Limited”, I welcome your entire query & criticism on the report is beneficial for me as it will give me the opportunity to learn more and enrich my knowledge. I hope you will consider the mistakes that may take place in the report in the spite of my best effort

Yours Sincerely

______________________ Nazmus Sakib


Preparation of this Report, I would like to acknowledge the encouragement, guidance and assistance given from a number of responsible persons. I am most grateful to my internship supervisor Ms. Kohinur Akter (Senior Lecturer) BRAC Business School for providing feedback and support throughout the semester on this report. I would like to express my gratefulness to Ms. Safina Hasan (HR Manager), Mr. Sheikh Md. Masbaul Alam (Sr. Additional Manager) and Md. Mahmudul Haque Hasan (HR Executive) of Renata Limited. Thanks to…...

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