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Overcrowding in the Emergency Department

Abstract In this paper I discuss how holding patients in the Emergency Department (ED) has a negative effect on patients. To many patients in the ED , medication errors and patients lingering in the ED instead of being in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) are the main cause of mortality and morbidity. For this assignment, I gathered information to figure out if the increased number of patients in the ED, medication errors, and the length of time ICU patients are held in the ED at Ohio Valley Medical Center (OVMC) is an actual issue that is effecting our patients. After doing a complete assessment and gathering the needed information, a plan will be put together to cut back on the issues that are causing the morbidity and mortality.

Overcrowding in the Emergency Department seems to be an issue that is rising. To many patients are being held in the ED and this is affecting the care of our patients. Overcrowding in the ED and medication errors are occurring because patients are being held in the ED for prolonged periods of time. When these patients are held and the ED has more patients than it should, their is not enough staff and the patients are not getting the care they should. Most of these patient’s are critically ill and need one on one care which is not the option in an overcrowded ED. When a department is to crowded, it leads to delayed care and poorer health outcomes. Overcrowding in the emergency department not only affects the patient but also has a negative affect on family members, ED staff and the ambulances because they could be diverted quite frequently. It is important that we figure out the causes for this and ways to prevent this from happening. While spending time in the ED I am able to see for myself how holding these patient’s has an affect on the…...

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