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Projects with Abstracts

1.)Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking:An IP Traceback System to Find The Real Source of Attacks


DDOS has been major security threat for web based application. It allows attacker to use multiple computers situated far away from each other to attack on single victim computer. It not only affects the services given by the application but makes it hard to stop the DOS attack.

Our project concept is to implement a practical IP traceback system that will track the DOS packets to its original source. To achieve this we use Flexible Deterministic Packet Marking (FDPM).

FDPM provides a defense system with the ability to find out the real sources of attacking packets that traverse through the network. While a number of other traceback schemes exist, FDPM provides innovative features to trace the source of IP packets and can obtain better tracing capability than others.

We are going to simulate FDPM system in NS2 which is network simulation software and study its various advantages and disadvantages as well as its application.

2.) Virtual Router Introduction

Computers are the integral part of our life. One can not think of his/her life without the help of computers. Computer network has been playing important role in bringing the world closer due to its functionalities. Routers are the heart of computer network. Virtual Router is an attempt to automate all the functionalities of the physical router on the computer. Various institutes, offices can use virtual router to carry out the routing functions.
1.1 Objective of Project:- Computer networks use physical routers to perform routing of data between the networks. Routers are the integral part of the computer network. Virtual Router is a router that performs all the functions of the physical router and hence can replace physical…...

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