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If Seeing Is Believing, Then Please Take a Second Look

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Tony Goodloe
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8 April 2013 If Seeing is Believing, Then Please Take a Second Look!

When companies want to sell their product, it is normally done with a famous person as the spoken person for that product. Have you ever wondered,” Does that person really use that product? Another way businesses or companies sell their product is by using sexual images or suggestive words for their ads. Companies might also use a controversial topic to spark up interests for that product. The way that the images of a photo is shown or the way the ads make a play on words can be very tactful or very harmful depending on the way a person views the ads. The two ads that were chosen for this paper shows how both sexual content and controversial topic are being used to sell a product. HUMO is a Belgian satire magazine that makes the basic premise that this is so compelling that an individual doesn’t notice the chaos or danger around him or her. The ad made the statement “QSOL Servers Won't Go Down On You” meaning there servers will work all the time. Advertisements can be funny and help sell a product, but ads should not be offensive to people. The HUMO ad made the statement this magazine is so compelling an individual does not notice the chaos or danger surrounding him or her. The intended audience for this ad seems to be Caucasian, white collar worker, European readers, and professional people who are avid readers. The contexts that are being displayed in the ad are political, and historical. The group of people that might be offended by this image could be the American People, and political leaders. The thinking of what the magazine wanted to put out was good because people should read more, but the image that was used should not have been. The image that shows President Kennedy in Dallas right before he was shot was a tasteless way to promote a magazine. To use the President’s image in this way shows lack of respect for the President of the United States. A man was killed because of the position he holds and for the magazine to make light of the situation by showing secret service reading their magazine instead of paying attention to the job of protecting the President was uncalled for. The second ad listed from servers say "Don't feel bad, our servers won't go down on you either". The intended audiences for this ad were companies, businesses and people who own major computer systems, computers or laptops. The purpose of this ad was to help the readers understand that anyone who uses of this system will not have a problem with losing any data that is on this system. The ad wants to let the reader know that the server is dependable and reliable. The context surrounding this ad is social and cultural. The groups that should be offended by this ad are women, people who work in technology field, and business groups. The argument that this ad brings is ethos, the words used to describe the connection between a great server and oral sex. The statement the ad makes” "Don't feel bad, our servers won't go down on you either" not so subtly placed next to an image of a woman's face with giant red lips who looks like she might actually be ready to, this ad conjures every bad stereotype out there regarding geeks, their technology and their seeming inability to get any. The sexual content was running very strong in this ad. Take a good look around to see how businesses and companies are using sexual content or controversial topics to sell their products. Are the ads truthful in associating the product with the ad? Remember an ad can be serious, funny or make a strong statement but the ad ads should not be offensive to people. These ads, the and HUMO magazine are just a step too far into the realm of being tasteless. By having women in your company can help your company make great make and produce a great item. The company who runs a successful business will need a good computer server to keep and store the data. All a good ads needs to say about the products are the facts.…...

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