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If You Only Knew

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If you only Knew
Nicholas Wiggins
October 27,2014 LORI KELLER

If you only Knew

Substances that can cause human health problems or damage to the environment can be toxicants. They can interfere with cellular function which could lead to death or other serious health problems. Some toxicants are in our everyday lives which increases the ability to being exposed to them like within on water or used on our food. Even though not all hazardous materials are toxins some can be flammable or irritate without actually killing organisms. Spooner, A.M.(2012). Disease causing agents would be toxins, that when you are exposed to over a certain amount of time can affect your overall health. One of these agents would be Perfluorooctanoic sulfonate which is found in cooking pans, used in the creation of Teflon. Studies in rats have shown increased chance of developing brain damage and damaging the reproductive cycle. Another one is Phthalates which is found in everyday products such as makeup, plastic foods and body care products. People can be exposed by eating and drinking food or water that was in contact with this substance. They can affect the reproduction system and can even lead to death from prolong exposure.
Since the humans are always changing the way they eat and live so has disease been able to evolve and adapt. At first some of the major plagues were controlled by the fact that human interactions was nowhere on the scale as it is today. Things like black plague spread all across Europe but wasn’t able to quickly adapt and spread elsewhere due to superstations and lack of fast transportation. No a days that is not a problem with things like Ebola being able to be passed by one human and spread to another person hundreds of miles away in less than a day. Without fully understanding what we are doing when we move into new environments are work with new product lines we are opening ourselves to new forms of diseases. Just like history shows, a hundred years ago in American cancer only killed thousands now it takes hundreds of thousands, so what has changed us or it?

Citations 1. Spooner, A.M.(2012). What’s Your Poison? Toxins and Infectious Disease. Environmental Science for Dummies, 248-249…...

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