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Practice Grid

Instruction: Fill in this grid based on the recurring ideas throughout the sources. Add specific examples or details in each column if needed.

Topic: Social Networking Addiction

SourcesCauses | Source A | Source B | Source C | Source D | Source E | Introduction: Thesis statement: Social networking addiction can be caused by the basic human psychological needs and can lead to some detrimental effects | 1. In fact, social networking sites do cause more harm than good.2. Identity theft is a huge problem in today’s society and has come about as a result of the rapid expansion and availability of internet technology and the increase in personal data found on social networking sites.3. Another negative impact that social networks have on our relationships is the fact that they might weaken our strong ties with acquaintances and also bring about physical social isolation | 1. Twenty-five percent of the respondents appear to have no close ties with friends which appear in their Facebook friend list. | 1. Millions of Malaysians are losing valuable sleep each night because they are addicted to social networking according to findings from a new sleep report. | 1. Facebook and other social networking sites may affect your mental health by causing psychotic episodes and delusions, researchers warn. | 1. Facebook addiction has become an alarming problem among teenagers. | Topic Sentence 1:There are some basic human psychological needs that cause social networking addiction. | | | | | | Topic Sentence 2:There is no doubt that social networking addiction will bring negative effects to human’s health. | | | | | | Topic Sentence 3:Moreover, people who are addicted to social networking will also become socially backward. | | | | | | Conclusion:Concluding sentence: Social networking addiction bring several destructive effects to the…...

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