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Impact of Including Childcare in a Place of Employment

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December 5, 2013


1215 Dublin Rd.

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December 5, 2013

Unik Health Commissioners

City of Oklahoma City

412 East 24th St.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 75202

Dear Commissioners:

The attached report requested by the Unik Health Commissioners in a letter to Smart Point Financial Consultants dated November 20, comprehensively illustrates the economic effects of providing child care benefits to your employees and to your company. The aim of this study is to enlighten you about issues associated with providing health care to your employees’ children so that you make advised decisions on the same. This study was done to assess the effect of three main areas as illustrated below.

• The cost benefit analysis of adding employees childcare to Fake Name’s benefit program

• The initial cost of initiating this program

• The types of coverage alternatives that is available in the market and those that are most attractive to employees.

For the purpose of this study, we performed both primary and secondary research. Our research involved conducting a thorough analysis of Smart Point’s financial statements to determine the affordability of this program. Besides verifying financial statements, interviews were carried out to assess the working conditions of the Smart Point’s employees. Secondary research involved examining various insurance companies and the policies they offer. The aim of performing our research on insurance companies was to assess what insurance companies do when insuring children's health care. The data in this analysis was collected from the department of labor through their website. Results, conclusions and recommendations…...

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