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Impact of Visual Communication in Rural

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Impact of Visual Communication in Rural Markets

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IV Trimester, 2012
Rural marketing involves addressing around 700 million potential consumers, over 40 per cent of the Indian middle-class, and about half the country's disposable income. According to a NCAER study the consuming class households in rural equals the number in urban and awareness The recent NCAER publication "The Great Indian Middle Class" further reveals that the Indian middle class consisted on 10.7 million households or 57 million individuals of which 36 per cent lived in rural areas.
Companies are always looking for tools and ways to increase the brand visibility and communication. Brand communication to the consumers is always an important marketing goal of marketers. In doing so, they spend a lot through their marketing services firm, which provides the advertising and communication services to the client firms. Promotion of brands in rural markets requires the special measures. Due to the social and backward condition the personal selling efforts have a challenging role to play in this regard.
Going by some of the characteristics of the rural public, which are high brand loyalty, low income influenced by seasonal fluctuations, low literacy, influenced by traditions, etc, a brand should have a high appealing power. In rural market it’s the sensory marketing mostly in the form of visuals that appeal to the mass. Companies visually communicate to the people through TVCs, wall paints, hoardings, print ads, packaging of the products, logos, symbols, mnemonics, point of sale planogramming in one word semiotics and activities…...

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