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The Importance of Backup And how to do it

TITLE: The Importance of data Backup And how to do it

GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform and make other people aware of the issue of data loss and how to prevent it.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To Educate about the need to backup your important data.

CENTRAL IDEA: To educate and demonstrate the importance of backup.


I. In the one year span of time that i have been working at Best Buy and watching computers come in for various problems the one that is the highest frequency is hard drive failure resulting in all data being lost.

II. Today, I am going to talk to you about Data Backup and a few easy ways to do it.

III. Anyone here have a digital camera? ... A lot of you right well I am guessing that most of you store all the pictures you take of family and friends on your computer onto its hard drive.

IV. I have done much research with the Google and have have had to listen to some pretty sad stories concerning data loss from many customers.

V. In the next few minutes, I will be talking to you about three main points:

A. First, I will talk about why data backup is important in the first place.

B. Second, I will talk about data these days is mostly stored on hard drives and while they have gotten a lot more reliable then they used to be they are not perfect.

C. Finally, I will talk about backing up data can be achieved easily through a few simple ways.


I. Why data backup is important in the first place A. The world is growing more digital all the time. 1. Digital Music. 2. Digital Cameras. 3. Documents and schoolwork 4. Banking information B. Recovering that data after a failure 1. Recovering if a drive fails is very expensive 2. Sometimes it is not even possible to get the data back.

Now that you see why it is important lets go into how reliable hard drives are.

II. Data these days is mostly stored on hard drives and while they have gotten a lot more reliable then they used to be they are not perfect. A. This is a breakdown of the average failure rate from a report published by Google's data centers.

B. Many factors go into hard drives failing 1. Power fluctuation from the outlet. 2. Also heat affects the drive. 3. And also moving the drive while it is running.

Transition: So, now that you know that hard drives can fail at any time but tend to fail more frequently after 2 years, let’s move on to how to protect your data.

III. Backing up data can be achieved easily through a few simple ways A. With a program called Comodo 1. Comodo can do backups to another hard drive or flash drive. 2. Comodo can keep different versions of files in case you make a mistake and mess one up. B. With Amazon's S3 service 1. You can use a simple program called Jungle disk to upload to it 2. It is stored online so it will still be there if something happens to the local backups you make. 3. Amazon charges only $0.15 cents a gigabyte per month for the storage.

And those are a few simple ways to backup your data on site and some were else in the world they are automatic once you set them up.


I. I hope that this presentation has given you new insights about backing up your data. Today, I covered why you need to do it, how hard drives fail, and simple ways to backup your data.

II. Hard drives fail all the time if you don't have another copy of what was on it then it may be lost forever.

III. Thank you.


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