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Stomata Lab Report
Beginning the lab with our null hypothesis: there is no difference in stomatal density of Prunus Peraca leaves in which both were selected from the same section of the tree, yet one was on a higher branch and one was on a lower branch; my lab partner, Jaylann Rawls, and I quickly set up our lab to figure out if we can agree or disagree with this statement. We chose the leaves from a peach tree in my garden, and used clear nail polish, tape, slides, and a microscope from our teacher, Mr. Pemberton. Procedures we used to establish the flow of the lab includes us covering our leaves with clear nail polish, then leaving it to dry. Next we covered the dried section of the leaf with tape and after pressing down on it, we gently pulled it off and placed the tape across our slides. Once our slide was completed we observed stomata from the microscope. As we counted the stomatal density we logged the information into our database and cleaned our slides and station. We did eight days of research, in which we doubled up for two days. After collecting all of our data, we created a T-test to compare the differences between all of our collected data and means. In order for us to have rejected our null hypothesis, we would have needed to pick a level of statistical significance. By default, this is 1 or 5 percent. If we get a P value smaller than our significance level, we can reject the null hypothesis. The data we collected did not support our hypothesis, as we detected a significant difference between high top/ high bottom leaves and low top/ low bottom leaves; therefore we rejected our null…...

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