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Importance of R.A. 1425 to the Philippine Educational System

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Republic Act No. 1425 | Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines.

Importance of R.A. 1425 (Rizal Bill) in the Philippine Education System:

Put in the minds of every Filipino especially the younger generation the true essence of nationalism.

Set the life of Rizal as an inspiration or a role model to every Filipino.

Put into action or reality the words spoken by Rizal, "Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan."

Give attribute to the bravery of our heroes as they sacrifice their own life for the freedom of our country and countrymen.

Insights and learnings from the stories, poems, and novels of Rizal that may be used as basis in current issues as said that "past is the reflection of the future".

Set into the minds of every Filipino that in fighting for freedom isn't only just by means of war.

Establish the value of being helpful to others especially to our countrymen.

Establish the essence of patriotism - love for the country and buy our own products that are made by Filipinos.
Mold or sharpen the national characteristic of being a Filipino by culture, beliefs, behavior, and love.
Gives us background and knowledge about our pasts that build or mold us up as what we are…...

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