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Leadership Commitment to Physician and Staff Wellness Create a leadership commitment to the principle of caring about, monitoring for and op6mizing the health, wellness and sa6sfac6on of the providers and staff in the organiza6on. This func6on of “looking in the mirror” -­‐ to focus on op6mizing the experience of the people working inside the organiza6on -­‐ is emphasized at the same level as the organiza6on’s outward focus on the quality of the pa6ent experience. Mission Statement Commitment to Physician and Staff Wellness and Satisfaction ! Mission Statement Planning Retreat to put the Physicians/Provider and Staff health, wellness and sa6sfac6on on equal foo6ng with Quality of Care and Pa6ent Sa6sfac6on ! This retreat is to begin the alignment of the en6re organiza6on with the principle of equal focus on both physician and pa6ent sa6sfac6on

Physician Wellness Committee 
 ! A standing and ac6ve Physician Wellness CommiMee ! With a significant budget ! Charged with ac6vely surveying for and op6mizing physician and staff health, wellness and sa6sfac6on

Create standing agenda items RE: Physician and Staff Wellness Projects - in all routine practice leadership and administration meetings 

! Discuss and address the issues of stress management, wellness and sa6sfac6on of the staff and providers at every major mee6ng in the organiza6on

Management by Walking Around Administra6on and Physician Wellness CommiMee Members get out of their offices regularly to see what is going on -­‐ and how they can help -­‐ on the front lines of care ! They are seen around the facility ! The expecta6on is that physicians and staff can report issues to them ! When they listen to a complaint, problem or sugges6on they get back to the repor6ng party within the week with more informa6on and/or a plan to address the issue ! Improvement projects are ini6ated based on complaints/ sugges6ons with progress reported back to the physicians and staff ! The leadership is seen to be ac6ve and available, curious, interested, responsive and effec6ve. Consistent communication of stress relief and wellness program activities and results to the physicians and staff ! NewsleMers – print or electronic ! Announcements at mee6ngs

! Press releases ! Celebrate accomplishments by physicians and staff outside the prac6ce as well ! Let’s your people know someone “has their back” Regular surveys of physician and staff satisfaction and suggestions for improvement 
 ! Minimum twice a year

Routine reporting of survey results to all the physicians and staff in four phases 
 ! Raw data reported immediately -­‐ “ This is what you told us” ! Analyze data and report themes -­‐ “ This is what we heard” ! Priori6ze issues and create projects to address concerns as needed. Report these projects to the physicians and staff -­‐ “ This is what we are going to do” ! Report on Project Results/Successes/Learnings -­‐ “ These are the results of our efforts”

An open and active “suggestion box” system with immediate action taken on quality ideas with credit given to the person making the suggestion

Regular detailed feedback sessions to all physicians from senior

partners - so the doctor knows where they stand and how the group feels about it 
 ! Financial Produc6on o With training on what the numbers mean as needed ! Pa6ent Sa6sfac6on ! Peer and Staff Interac6ons ! Skills evalua6on -­‐ kudos and growing edges ! Remember to celebrate all wins

Provide Physician Skill Building and Training Programs 
 There are a number of cri6cal skills that don’t make the curriculum in medical school and residency. These missing skills are always a source of stress un6l they are acquired, prac6ced and used. ! Team leadership skills ! Communica6on skills ! Mee6ng Facilita6on Skills ! Coaching skills ! Stress management and burnout preven6on skills

! Change management skills ! Problem solving and crea6vity skills ! Project management skills ! Training on business basics and how to understand the Organiza6on’s Financial Statements

Systems Support:

The systems are op6mized to allow providers and staff to do what they do best ... provide direct care to the pa6ents. Minimize the amount the providers and staff have to fight the systems to provide quality care. ! EMR training and support to enable all physicians to become “Power Users” ! Consider providing scribes if necessary ! Pa6ent flow op6miza6on ! Referral flow op6miza6on inbound and outbound -­‐ to take hassles out of the doctors hands once referral decision is made ! Tes6ng / Procedure flow op6miza6on

! Hospital Admission flow op6miza6on ! Hospital Discharge flow op6miza6on Coordinated in a concerted and systema6c effort to ensure physicians maximal direct pa6ent care 6me.

Support flexible work hours and part time practices as a “normal” way a doctor can participate in the group 
 ! The “other than full 6me” schedule op6ons are available in the outpa6ent, inpa6ent and call rota6ons for each department ! The culture of the group supports “other than full 6me” providers as equal and valued member of the group -­‐ not second class ci6zens

Creative ways to address call coverage

The size of this list is limited only by your crea6vity. Here are a few ideas to get you started ! Accommodate the “other than full 6me” physicians ! In-­‐house call support -­‐ hospitalists, etc. ! Allow individual doctors to opt out of call ! Pay more for doctors who do take call

! Scheduling so that doctor coming off of a call night does not have a full day to follow ! Reduced call requirements for doctors with children under age three or doctors over age 60 The above points are just sugges6ons/ ideas. The exact form of any call rota6on is a crea6ve process individual to the group. You may benefit from an outside facilitator for the process.

Confidential 24/7 Physician Counseling Hotline for any physician who wants to talk to a counselor/coach about any personal, relationship or emotional issues of any kind 
 ! Systema6c support for physicians who would like coaching/ mentoring/counseling ! Encourage asking for support as healthy -­‐ there is no s6gma in asking for help ! Referral networks for physicians are established, first appointments are readily available and quality of support offered to physicians is monitored

Physician Peer Mentors assigned at the time a new physician contract is signed to support the “onboarding” of the new physician

! Thorough process of explaining contract clauses, produc6on formula, buy-­‐in to full group membership (if any) and the culture of the group

Transparency in reporting the financial health and performance of the organization to all physicians

! Current performance ! Performance projec6ons ! Transparent budget crea6on process ! Training for physicians so that they understand the genera6on of and meaning behind the numbers

An open invitation to all physicians to attend all physician leadership meetings regardless of their status as partner, employee or independent contractor 
 ! All physicians are welcome even though all may not have a vote in any decision making process

Fair reimbursement for all physician leadership activities

Physicians who choose to take on a leadership role simultaneously take on addi6onal stress above and beyond that experienced in clinical prac6ce. It is important to acknowledge and compensate for this leadership related layer of strain to prevent even higher levels of burnout in your physician leaders. ! Leadership ac6vi6es are paid at a reasonable rate ! Shows appropriate respect for the value of quality leadership

! Avoids placing physician leaders in the double bind of spending 6me away from revenue genera6ng pa6ent care and not being compensated

Optional Physician Support Groups 
 ! Support groups/Mastermind Groups available for peer support and processing of difficult interac6ons ! Training in facilita6ng support groups is available for group leaders ! 
 Physician Bad Outcome Outreach Program 
 ! A commiMee and procedure to reach out to any physician or staff member involved in any bad outcome regardless of concerns of fault or malprac6ce risk. ! Physician isola6on at 6mes of nega6ve outcomes is universal. It is a crushing experience for the person involved. They feel terrible and shunned at the same 6me. ! This outreach is incredibly important at this cri6cal 6me to decrease the stress on the provider/staff member. Mistakes/Bad Outcomes Communication skills training ! How to relay bad outcomes to the pa6ent and family ! How to say you are sorry in an appropriate way…...

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%sext:as:lp_se- 0*0*0-S1003:htt p:// d/m? %s | The Effects of Standardized Testing | NEW Steering Lock Rod for Toyota Land Cruiser 120 PRADO KDJ120 / KDJ125