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Improving the Hiring Process for Corporate and Business Sales

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To: Val Michaels From: Kiran Zubraev Date: September 19, 2012 Re: Improving the hiring process for Corporate and Business Sales

I. Current situation Vivacom is a large company in the field of telecommunications. After the privatization the company’s structure and strategy were changed. The accent is on quick profit achieved by extreme sales push. In the current situation the Account Managers are required to sale as much products as possible but also to retain the responsibility of servicing the corporate and business customers in a proper manner. Often appears that employees who are with the company for a few months only, need to be released because of their inability to cope with the job responsibilities and the stress. The HR department invests time and money in the training process but on the other side neglects the hiring process, because of which the latter is slow and inefficient. II. Problems The process of hiring in Corporate and Business sales in Vivacom is slow and inefficient. Because of lack of recruitment team, the HR management of the company relies too much for the hiring process on the Account Executive Managers (Team Leaders) and the Directors of Corporate and Business departments. The HR managers delegate the right of choosing and hiring the candidates, to the direct management of each of these two departments. The Human Resources personnel do not fully participate in the hiring process, which makes the process time taking and brings the problems of hiring people without the necessary job skills and experience. Obvious mistake is that the vacant positions are offered internally to other company’s employees from other departments. This procedure has some advantages but at the same time eliminates the possibility more competitive outsiders to apply for the available job. III. Vision By improving the hiring process in the…...

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