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Increasing New Trainers Effectiveness in a Corporate Organization

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Human Resource Development (HRD) “refers to the integrated use of training and development, organizational development, and career development to improve individual, group, and organizational effectiveness” (Noe, 2010, pg. 41). Trainers are responsible for the training and development of employees and managers in a corporate organization. Training is an important part of any organizations human resources department and is essential to the growth and development an organization (Kraiger, McLinden, & Casper, 2004, pg. 339).
Corporate organizations usually have their own HRD departments within their company. HRD provides in-house consultants, mangers, trainers, and employee experts to help assess, guide and develop employees within the organization. Trainers work with employees and managers on what is needed to improve and increase their effectiveness within the organization (Noe, 2010, pg. 40).
Outsourcing training is an alternative option for corporate organization to bring in trainers to train employees or have employees go outside of the organization and receive training. Some examples of organizations providing out outsourced training are trade and professional organizations, and consulting firms (Noe, 2010, pg. 40-41).
New trainers gain knowledge and experience through on the job experience and academic courses. There are five concepts that are important for new trainers to learn in order increase their effectiveness in a corporate organization.
One concept that is important for new trainers to learn is the roles of employees and managers in an organization and how it affects training. Development, learning activities, and training influences the roles of employees and managers. Based on the position, job requirements, and experience of the employees and managers in an organization, trainers should be aware that this requires different trainings because of the…...

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